How To Remove Rust From Weight Plates and Dumbbells

Weight plates and dumbbells are essential to weight management equipment. They are critical for building muscles and keeping customers in your gym. Gym owners should understand how to keep weights from rusting. Here’s how to remove rust from gym equipment. 

1. Brush Away Rust

The first step involves removing the loose and caked-on rust. For this, you’ll need a stiff wire brush. Scrub all the rusty areas vigorously until you’ve removed as much rust as possible. This physical rust removal aspect is crucial because it allows the chemicals you’ll use in the next step to penetrate the metal better and break down the rust. This method can help you remove rust from small areas.

2. Soak Rusty Gym Equipment

In the second step, soaking the equipment in a rust removal solution will help break down and remove the remaining rust. You can create your rust removal solution by mixing one-part white vinegar with two parts water. Or, you can purchase a commercial rust removal product like Rust-Oleum Rust Dissolver at your local home improvement store. Soaking is essential for removing rust from larger areas because it gives the chemicals time to work.

3. Scrub Soaked Gym Equipment

After soaking for the recommended time, use a stiff wire brush to scrub away any remaining rust. This final scrubbing will help ensure that all the rust is removed and that your equipment is ready to use. You may also want to rinse the equipment with water to remove any residual chemicals at this stage. A majority of the gym equipment will be clean and rust-free.

4. Wipe Gym Equipment

Here, you’re going to need a clean, dry towel. Wipe all the gym equipment to remove any moisture, dirt, or debris. This final wiping step helps ensure that your equipment is ready for use and won’t rust in the future. Drying ensures that there’s no water for the rust to cling to. Ensure you’re using the recommended products to wipe all the solutions and prevent further rust from the equipment.

5. Apply a Rust Prevention Solution

Once you’ve removed all the rust, it’s essential to take steps to prevent it from coming back. For this, you can apply a rust prevention solution like WD-40, 3-in-One Oil, or Rust-Oleum rust preventative paint. These products create a barrier between the metal and the air, preventing rust from forming. Be sure to apply the solution to all rusty areas, as well as any other areas that are prone to rust.


Gym equipment is expensive, and if not taken care of, it will rust and become unusable. This guide provides you with some tips on how to remove rust from your gym equipment and prevent it from coming back. With a little effort and the right products, you can keep your gym equipment looking and working like new. Contact Magica, Inc. for more tips on rust prevention.

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