Over our 35 year history, Magica has helped many businesses, from large, multinational corporations to small, “Mom and Pop” businesses, (like ours!) in solving their toughest rust and corrosion issues.

Here is a brief summary of commercial, residential, and industrial applications where Magica has performed its “Magic”.


Commercial and Industrial Uses:


    • Agricultural & Farm Machinery  
    •  Architectural and Precast Concrete Manufacturers
    •   Automotive Repair and Restoration
    •   Boats, Yachts & Marinas
  •  Construction 
    •  Clothing, Carpet, and Fabric Cleaning
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Property Management 


Automotive Applications


Rust on vehicles is not simply a cosmetic problem. Hidden corrosion on undercarriages and mechanical parts can lead to safety issues, not to mention, costly repairs.


We have car rust repair products available to remove rust stains and prevent rust from forming. 


  • Rust remover for cars is used to remove rust stains from surfaces.
  • Rust blockers and prevention products are used to prevent rust from and protect surfaces from future corrosion.


Construction Applications


Our product removes rust stains from many  surfaces  such as: stainless steel, concrete, bricks, stone, tile, carpet and more. Magica  can also remove rust from tools, block future rust spots, and protect against even the toughest corrosive elements to ensure clean, beautiful finishes. 


There is no better solution than Magica’s latex-like rust-blocking polymer to deal with tough stains from years of corrosion or stop the fast oxidation of metal parts brought on by weathering. This coating offers incredible protection while maintaining the aesthetics of any project material, whether indoors or outdoors.

Manufacturing Applications


We know that keeping your maintenance costs low is essential to every business’s bottom line. That’s why our rust prevention product requires no special training or additional labor costs associated with complicated product application processes — resulting in significant cost savings when used regularly. 


Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate manufacturer, our revolutionary products provide maximum protection to keep your equipment up and running while providing lasting protection against corrosion. Our wide range of exciting rust preventative formulas are designed to perform better than standard industrial sector treatments available today. 

Marine Applications


Our specialized formula for boat rust repair removes any existing stains quickly and safely. It is biodegradable – so no matter where you are in the world, it won’t cause harm to the marine environment. Its effectiveness is immediately noticeable after just one application of our Rust Stain Remover, leaving your boat or yacht looking polished and professional. 


Agricultural Applications


Agriculture is a business that requires constant maintenance of the tools and equipment in order to ensure optimal performance. Rust can be a costly problem for farmers, but rust prevention with Magica’s rust blockers provides efficient protection from the elements without breaking the bank. Our product protects metals from corrosion while also making them easier to clean for better operation and longer lasting machinery. 


Magica’s rust prevention products are also easy to apply, making them perfect for the busy schedule of a farmer. With its non-drip formula and quick dry time, our rust preventive solution can help save you time and money when it comes to keeping your tools in top condition. 


Bathroom Fixtures


We know how quickly rust stains can build up and how damaging they are to the overall aesthetic of any bathroom. We are proud to offer our Rust Stain Remover.Sink


Our Rust Stain remover  is designed to remove toilet rust stains Simply spray it onto surfaces such as bathtubs,, sinks, and shower tiles to remove rust stains   


We have developed the perfect solution for those pesky existing rust stains: our Rust Stain Remover! Its strength immediately begins fighting stained areas, while its pH-balanced formula prevents damage or discoloration of almost any bathroom surface. 


All it takes is a few sprays of this powerful bath rust removal on rusted areas, followed by a gentle scrubbing motion to restore your bathroom fixtures to their original beauty.  


Clothing Industry


Rust can be a huge problem for the clothing industry as it causes staining and deterioration of fabrics. Magica has created an environmentally friendly rust stain remover that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use on all fabrics including silk, wool, cotton, and more.


By using this product you’ll no longer have to worry about rust stains ruining your fabrics or clothing and the product will also provide a layer of protection against future staining. This protection is designed to last, so you can keep your fabrics looking like new for longer.