Most car owners consider their vehicles their most prized possession.However, if rust starts to appear, you should think ahead and find a solution to that problem.

In reality, you can’t get away from rust. It can appear anywhere on the body of the car. Most of them will start from the inside and then work their way out. So it’s essential to check on them from time to time. But to be sure, Magica, Inc. offers a reliable and reputable rust remover for cars you can trust.

The Answer to All Your Rust Problems 

Our unique and specialized automotive rust remover is one of the most trusted products in the market today. We have been in the industry for so many years we have made a solid fan base in the Automotive industry. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about costly car repairs and buffing anymore!

Apart from that, you won’t have to wonder how to fix rust on a car anymore. Our rust remover and rust blocker are all you need to remove those rust stains and prevent them from returning. All you need to do is carefully apply them for the magic to work!

Car Rust Prevention

If you find any rust stains on the surface of your car or inside on the fabric, upholstery or carpeting, the ideal product for you is the Rust Remover. It doesn’t contain harmful acids, which is why it’s dubbed the safest rust remover on the market. So it’s not made of harsh and dangerous chemicals that can harm you and your family.

Here at Magica, our Rust Remover has a ton of benefits. Plus, it comes in different sizes for you to quickly choose from for your car rust stain concerns. It also comes in a spray bottle, to make it easier to apply on larger surfaces.

Its benefits are the following:

  • Removes rust from fabrics
  • Made of safe ingredients
  • A small amount can get rid of stains in just a few minutes
  • You can use it on bumpers, hubcaps, car detailing, and more.

Block the Rust from Coming Back

If you’re searching for an effective answer as a car remove rust solution, then the Rust Blocker is the best choice. It’s different from Rust Remover since the remover will only eliminate stains. But our Rust Blocker can do wonders! It’s not painted, but it looks like one. It’s a car rust metal treatment ideal for vehicles made of ferrous metals or metals mixed with iron.

How does the Rust Blocker work?

  • It’s a water-based primer that chemically mixes with rust that, creates a black protective coating
  • The black coating will further prevent corrosion from happening
  • The reaction will convert rust into a black protective polymeric coating
  • It contains tannic acid and an organic polymer

Let Magica Become the Solution to All Your Car Rust Issues

Being 35 years in the industry has led us to create products that many people rely on. We have a solid customer base, from individuals to large car detailing companies. Therefore, we’re your one-stop shop for all rust concerns you may have with your vehicles.

So if you have any questions about Magica, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to help you choose the right rust product, depending on your needs.

Magica, Inc.