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Magica Rust Remover to Produce New Hand Sanitizer

June 11, 2020

(Left to right) Magica’s General Manager, Bob Everhard, his wife, Susan Williams Everhard, their son, Rusty Everhard, and Susan’s brothers Russ Williams and Chuck Williams. Magic Rust Remover, a small business in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce hand sanitizer production for COVID-19, mission-critical commercial and industrial supply-chain sourcing, and related applications. Magica began production of its hand sanitizer in March 2020, and has diligently followed the recommended WHO formula for hand sanitizer, providing a product with an alcohol content of over 80%. According to Bob Everhard, “One of the most exciting parts of being a small business owner, is... View Article

5 Best Ways to Prevent Rust From Getting Worse

April 20, 2020

Despite your best efforts, there are times when you might still notice that rust has formed on your car, your tools, or your boat. You know that if you don’t take some kind of action that it will only get worse, because once rust has formed on a surface, it not only spreads but it also becomes more concentrated. If oxidation has already formed somewhere on your car, it will quickly devalue your vehicle when it comes time for a trade-in, and if you leave the oxidation untreated, it might very well degrade the condition of the vehicle, so as... View Article

5 Best Ways to Prevent Tools From Rusting on a Boat or Marine Environment

April 17, 2020

Many of the tools in your toolkit will have a rubber or plastic handle which makes it easy for gripping, but that still leaves a significant portion of the tool exposed to the water in a marine environment. Particularly if you live near the ocean, the saltwater in the air can accelerate the process of forming rust and corrosion, and it’s very common to find that your tools have become rusted out in a short period of time. In order to prevent this from happening, there are some steps you can take, so that you don’t have to keep buying... View Article

5 Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Boats & Yachts Used in Saltwater

April 15, 2020

Preventing the formation of rust on your boat is a difficult task, and it’s made even harder when your boat spends most of its time in saltwater. Saltwater can significantly accelerate the rusting process on all surfaces of your boat, especially those that come in direct contact with the water. That means you’ll need to take some steps to remove existing oxidation periodically, as well as to use some preventive measures which will keep oxidation from forming in the first place. Below, you can read about some specially formulated products which are ideal for combating rust formation. How Can I... View Article

5 Ways to Stop Your Boat or Super Yacht From Rusting

April 13, 2020

Most people are aware that moisture is one of the main contributors to the formation of rust on your boat, and since your boat will spend a tremendous amount of time in the water, that leaves it susceptible to having oxidation develop on any surfaces exposed to the water. There is no doubt that oxidation can cause major damage to important components of your craft, and if left untreated, it can actually disable your boat. Fortunately, there are products available which can help you keep your boat rust-free, so that it’s looking its best and performing at its best. How... View Article

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