Using Rust Remover to Get Rust Out of Your Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system that uses well water as a means of watering your gardens, grass or other plantings, there’s a chance that you’ll have to deal at some point with rust within that irrigation system. This is because well water contains larger amounts of iron—much more than you would typically find in a standard municipal water system.

Even if you have access to a municipal system, there’s a chance you’re using well water for irrigation purposes just because it costs significantly less to do so. Keep in mind that doing this over the long term could leave behind iron stains on your vegetation, home, sidewalks and vehicles.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your well water for irrigation purposes. Instead, you need to figure out what’s in the water so you know how to proceed from there.

Solving stains and removing iron

Before you go to work at removing iron from your water supply, you should remove any stains that have built up on surfaces around your property. Magica rust remover is the most reliable rust remover you’ll find on the market, and is safe for any surface, including concrete, wood, fabric and metal.

Of course, after you remove these stains from your surfaces and even from within your irrigation system, you still need to worry about the problem happening again in the future. You can certainly come back and use the rust remover solution again as needed, but it is more effective to tackle the problem at its source—the iron in your well water.

To remove this iron from your water, it must be oxidized and then filtered out. You can only do this with the use of a filter that uses manganese dioxide or a form of catalytic media that will react with the iron. Depending on the traits of your water, you might need to use an oxidizer like chlorine, oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.

Keep in mind that your irrigation system uses a tremendous amount of water—especially if you have a large property or are using your irrigation system for farming purposes. In large-scale applications, this could amount to hundreds or thousands of gallons of water per day. This means you need to be careful about what you put into your water, and how much of it.

But it is certainly important to remove this rust, as the iron could not only cause aesthetic damage to your vegetation and surfaces, but it could also kill those plants off entirely.

This is just a small amount of information to keep in mind as you go about cleaning rust from your irrigation systems. It’s always important to have a high-quality rust remover on hand, as you want to prevent rust from building up in your irrigation system and on your property. But it’s also important to take a preventative approach with the iron that builds up in your well water.

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