Magica is the Best Rust Remover Available!

This simple but powerful cleaner turns rusty spots and stains into harmless salts, with no rubbing and no scrubbing. It’s as easy and safe as it sounds. Choose from our best-selling gel formula for smaller oxidation stains, or our convenient spray formula, which comes in three different sizes, to tackle bigger stains.

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Many Uses for Magica Rust Remover Spray

Magica removes stains from nearly any surface, including clothing and carpets. It works wonders on those stubborn well-water stains on kitchen and bathroom porcelain fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and floors. Our product even works outside on house siding, brick, patios, and lawn furniture.

Takes Rust Stains Off Fabrics and Carpets

Our product safely removes rust stains from nearly every type of fabric: From clothing to canvas, sails, awnings, linens, carpet, and more. It does not harm the fabric or leave any traces behind, even on that heirloom wedding dress from Grandma!

Removes Rusting from Boats and Other Toys

Boaters and yachtsmen rely on our product to keep their vessels looking “ship-shape”. Use either the gel or spray formula to remove rusty stains on fiberglass, stainless steel deck fittings, canvas, cushions, vinyl, and sails.

Magica can remove those pesky yellow stains frequently found along the waterline of boats. Simply spray, wait a few minutes and rinse off with fresh water. Our product is safe to use and won’t harm the marine environment. Keep a bottle of our gel or spray onboard your boat to maintain her good looks and protect your investment.

Magica also works well on kayaks, paddleboards, jet-skis, ATV’s and snowmobiles, keeping all your toys oxidation-stain free.

Clean Rust Off Concrete and Docks

Get Oxidation Off of Stainless Steel

With a name like “stainless steel” you might think this material was rust-proof. While it is designed to resist corrosion, it is not completely corrosion-proof. There are also over a dozen commonly used grades of stainless steel that will vary in their resistance to oxidation.

If your stainless steel does start showing some signs of oxidizing, Magica will work just as well on these as it will on any other type of metal.

Remove Rust from Tools

Rusting is a constant threat to metal tools, especially those that are used infrequently. Ambient moisture can eventually cause oxidation to form, and if a tool is out of sight most of the time you might not notice until it’s already beginning to corrode.

No problem. So long as the oxidation hasn’t spread too far yet, just apply some gel or spray to revive those rusty tools

Cleaning Rust Off of a Knife

Small “pit corrosion” oxidation spots are very common on kitchen knives, even the stainless steel varieties. The usual causes of this are the salts in food combining with moisture in storage areas and running them through a dishwasher can accelerate this process.

Unfortunately, the better and more expensive a knife is the more likely it usually is to oxidize.

Small oxidation spots on knives are no big deal with our spray. Just apply as needed and wipe them away, and the knife is as good as new.

Used Across all Industries

Magica’s wide range of applications means it is perfect as a go-to oxidation removal solution for all types of businesses.

Marine Industry:

Boat dealers, ship stores, marinas and boat detailers rely on our product. Our products can be safely used on nearly all boat surfaces and components: fiberglass hulls, anchors, deck hardware, canvas, sails props and more. Use it on docks, piers, ramps, fishing equipment and other facets of the marine industry as well!


Rusting stains can occur during the manufacturing process of some products. Manufacturers can clean up surface rusting stains produced during the manufacturing process, delivering a clean product to the end-user. No matter what type of corrosion you’re dealing with, our spray & gel will remove it.


Construction sites may contain many sources that cause rusty stains. From cutting metal on-site, storage of tools and heavy equipment, to empty paint cans left on a wet surface… Our spray can quickly and easily clean up the site so you can move on to your next project.

Property Management and Maintenance:

Magica is a perfect product to add to your “cleaning toolbox”, allowing your maintenance team to quickly remove stains whenever they occur.

Rust Removal You Can Trust!

We offer a money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return your un-used bottle of Magica along with your name and address and we will issue a full-refund. We are also happy to answer any questions on possible uses, feel free to call us at (920)236-4233 or email us at

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