During our 35 year history, Magica has helped many businesses, from large, multinational corporations to small, “Mom and Pop” businesses, (like ours!) in solving their toughest rust and corrosion issues.  Below is a brief summary of commercial, residential, and industrial applications where Magica has performed its “Magic”.

    •  Automotive Repair & Restoration

    •  Boats, Yachts & Marinas

    •  Clothing, Carpet, & Fabric Cleaning

    •  Construction & Manufacturing

    •  Farm Machinery & Irrigation Systems

    •  Residential & Property Management 

Automotive Repair & Restoration

Rust on autos, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles is not simply a cosmetic problem. Hidden corrosion on undercarriages and mechanical parts can lead to safety issues, not to mention costly repairs. Classic car aficionados appreciate that Magica Rust Remover can gently remove surface rust stains on stainless steel, interior fabric, and carpet. Magica Rust Blocker can be used as primer or sealant to prevent rust on vehicle frames and undercarriages from reoccurring. The vehicle may then be painted to match the existing exterior paint color for years of carefree rust protection.

Boats, Yachts & Marinas

A Tested & Proven Solution that Boat Owners Trust

The marine industry is one of Magica’s biggest markets, and it’s easy to see why.  From mega yachts in Monaco to sailboats in the Virgin Islands, they all have one thing in common–rust stains!

Boats and yachts are often subjected to harsh, almost constant exposure to water and moisture. Salt water may be the biggest culprit when it comes to the appearance of corrosion and rust stains. Rust stains can occur whenever water touches metal, or wet metal contacts other surfaces such as:

  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Sails and Canvas
  • Stainless Steel Hardware and Fittings
  • Vinyl Seats and Cushions
  • Fabrics and Carpets

Keeping your boat or yacht in “ship shape” condition requires both time and money. Magica Rust Remover can help save you both and protect your investment for the long term. And who can put a price on the pride of ownership you get when your boat or yacht looks like new?

Magica Rust Remover’s rust remover spray is ideal for removing surface rust on fiberglass decks, stainless hardware, engine rooms, upholstery, carpet, canvas, and sails. Simply apply Magica Rust Remover spray or gel formula, wait a few minutes, then rinse off with fresh water. No need to spend hours scrubbing with harsh chemicals that can harm the marine environment. Magica Rust Remover is biodegradable, and safe to use on most surfaces.

Magica Rust Remover is economical, too. A little Magica goes a long way! Our spray formula is best for larger areas, and the gel formula is best for small spot cleaning and detailing. Savvy boaters keep a bottle of Magica Rust Remover handy for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Marinas, Boat Dealers & Boatyards

And Magica isn’t just for boat owners.  Marina managers, boat yards, and boat dealers use Magica to keep their docks, launch ramps, and walkways in rust-free condition. Magica Rust Remover can remove rust stains on concrete, wharves, and storage areas where rusty tools, trailers, bikes, and machinery are often stored.

Magica Rust Blocker for Steel Vessels & Trailers

For commercial steel vessels, fishing vessels, ferries, and cargo ships, Magica Rust Blocker is an excellent rust prevention strategy.

Designed to protect ferrous metals from rust and corrosion, Magica Rust Blocker seals rusted metals with a polymer that chemically converts rust into a black protective coating that keeps rust from re-occurring. Can also be painted to provide a professional appearance and prolong the life of expensive gear and machinery for years of safe operation.

  • Eliminates existing rust.
  • Seals out moisture
  • Blocks rust and prevents it from coming back.

Magica Rust Remover and Rust Blocker can be found in ship’s chandleries, boat yards, yacht detailers, sail lofts, and hardware stores.

Clothing, Carpet & Fabric Cleaning

Magica Rust Remover was originally formulated to treat rust stains on clothing. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how dry cleaners get rust stains off fabrics, you now know their secret! Magica Rust Remover is excellent at removing rust stains on clothing, carpet, and fabrics. Simply apply a small amount of Magica to a rust stain and watch the rust disappear, like magic! Then rinse with fresh water and you’re done!

With no harsh chemicals, Magica Rust Remover is mild enough to treat antique lace, linen, and other fine fabrics. Yet it is strong enough to remove even the most stubborn rust stains out of residential and commercial carpets. It also works well on canvas, vinyl, and Dacron sail materials.

Construction & Manufacturing

Magica Rust Remover can be used in many different construction and manufacturing applications from metal to pre-cast concrete suppliers. Our product removes rust stains from a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, tools and machinery, concrete, brick, stone, tile, carpet, and more.

From post-construction site clean-up to making your new metal products sparkle, Magica Rust Remover can protect against even the toughest corrosive elements to ensure clean, beautiful final finishes. Magica Rust Remover comes in economical gallons,  which can be shipped on a pallet to your factory floor for the ultimate convenience and savings.

We know that keeping your maintenance costs low is essential to every business’s bottom line. That’s why our rust prevention product requires no special training or additional labor costs associated with complicated product application processes — resulting in significant cost savings when used regularly. 

Farm Machinery & Irrigation Systems

Here in our home state of Wisconsin, we are surrounded by hard-working family farms and large-scale agricultural businesses. So, we know first-hand how important it is to keep farm machinery in safe and efficient working condition all year round.

Magica Rust Remover can remove surface rust that accumulates on farm machinery from irrigation systems, well water, and the corrosive effects of salt spray on icy roads in wintertime. Our Magica Rust Blocker is particularly helpful in protecting ferrous metal on tractors, trailers, metal sheds, silos, and other farm implements.

Homes and businesses that rely on well-water and irrigations systems often find the high iron content in well-water leaves unsightly rust stains on siding, fences, bath fixtures, concrete walkways, signage and more. Magica Rust Remover makes those ugly rust stains disappear without causing harm to the surface it is applied to or the environment. 

Residential & Property Management

Homeowners love Magica for helping to protect and enhance the beauty of their “home sweet home”, not to mention their outdoor patios, pool decks, boats, bikes, tools, lawn equipment, and sports gear. Trying to clean rust stains off porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets, is a breeze with Magica Rust Remover, making your bathroom or kitchen fixtures sparkle like new!

Property Managers of residential communities and commercial facilities often face challenging rust problems, which can be easily solved by Magica products. Residential applications include removing rust from porcelain bathtubs, sinks, and toilets to outdoor patios, pool decks, stone, and brick walkways. The use of well water, irrigation, and sprinkler systems can leave ugly rust stains on walls, fences, siding, and entryways. Magica Rust Remover spray or gel formula can make those rust stains disappear, just like magic!