August 26, 2015

This is a fantastic product, I have used it for years

"This is a fantastic product, I had used it years ago and have been unable to find it until now. I used it to remove the rust spots on some very old doilies a few years ago, the spots disappeared like magic. Last use was to remove the iron stains that had responded to nothing I had used before. This took more applications and a little rubbing but it worked. It's a rare thing when things do what they are supposed to do."
July 18, 2015

Worked like Magic

"The liquid worked like magic in removing the rust stain off of my vinyl siding"
July 6, 2015

"Product works great and does what it says: If the stain you are trying to get out is rust, it will come out. If it's not, then it won't. Worked for me on small linens and garments, table scarves, doilies, etc."
March 24, 2015

Can’t live without it!

"I love this stuff. I have linoleum in my kitchen and my refrigerator and stove feet leave rust spots on this floor. It like Majic. Really. I had this bottle from about five years ago and just used the last of it. I wasn't even sure if it was still being made. I bought it when it first came out from some info commercial. I also used it on an old table lamp from my Grandmother with what I thought was a brass finished on the bottom. Well regular brass cleaner didn't work, so I figured it can't hurt it and if it doesn't work I was going to paint it anyway. It looks like new! And this stuff lasts forever. You never have to use much."
January 13, 2015

Yup – it’s magic!

"Magic! Had rust residue in my carpet from a shower leak. It kept getting worse and worse each time I tried cleaning it. This product worked great!"
Magica, Inc.