July 28, 2018

"Amazing product! I thought I would need to repaint the front of my home (painted brick) to remove rust that had dripped from metal decorative piece. A few squirts and 90 seconds later it was as if I repainted! Appropriately named product indeed!!"
July 20, 2018

"Great product....removed the rust stain immediately on the siding of our house. A must buy!"
June 26, 2018

"I have been using this product for at least a decade, primarily for marine use. I have used this product on virtually every surface of my yacht and dinghy. Metal, fiberglass, plastic, stainless, hypalon. The gel seems to work better than the spray because it "sticks" more to the surface. The spray runs off. Sometimes I will smear it around with my finger. In 5-10 minutes I rinse it off with water and the rust is gone. Occasionally, I'll have to do it a second time. The word is appropriate, "Magica"....cuz it's magic in removing the rust. This is a great product!"
June 5, 2018

Perfect Product

"I sprayed and after 15-20min, I spray rinse with garden hose for several minutes.Thank you for your help and it is a perfect product.Hope your company expands business and everybody is happy to use Magica!"
April 20, 2018

It’s a great product!

"I’ve used Magica for the last 4 years on yachts as it’s a great product."
Magica, Inc.