January 21, 2019

"This is an amazing product. Since receiving Magica I've used this on the toliets in our bathrooms to erase the water lines that had stained the bowl; remove rust on my 1984 Jeep Laredo; on my 1999 sailboat to remove rust that nothing else would even come close to removing; and on a whim I put some on my carport concrete floor to remove oil stains of some 20 plus years. To my surprise the concrete came clean and looks like new. I am definitely getting more of this product when I exhaust what I have!!!! Hap Hall Greenville South Carolina"
January 9, 2019

"I have used Magica for years. It is the only product that does exactly what it says it does. It is expensive and worth every penny. We are on a well and septic system. Even though we have many filters before it gets to our house water, rust stains appear in all of my toilet bowls. I tried every other product on the market nothing worked until I discovered Magica. One of the toilets was not flushing properly. We were afraid that the septic tank had to be drained. I suggested we squirt some Magica on the handle, both inside the tank handle and outside, on the handle where it joins the outer toilet. It worked like magicA. Toilet functions perfectly now. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Thanks."
November 17, 2018

"Whoa! I just used Magica and cannot believe my eyes! Barely y used a drop and the rust was gone in seconds without me even touching it! Throw your Barkeepers Friend away immediately and buy this now!!!"
July 28, 2018

"Amazing product! I thought I would need to repaint the front of my home (painted brick) to remove rust that had dripped from metal decorative piece. A few squirts and 90 seconds later it was as if I repainted! Appropriately named product indeed!!"
July 20, 2018

"Great product....removed the rust stain immediately on the siding of our house. A must buy!"
Magica, Inc.