March 3, 2018

"We have a well and have a lot of iron in our water. Consequently, rust stains on our white sink. I struggled with these stains and was not able to do a very good job until I found your product!"
February 16, 2018


"Thank you, thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT! I have tried so many products and spent lots of money, so I hesitated when I saw your ad. I was ready to buy a new dishwasher and softener, it truly is magic! Thanks again."
February 1, 2018

Just squirt this on rust and watch it go away …

"Just squirt this on rust and watch it go away. It's the only thing I've used with success ...... and NO scrubbing!"
January 7, 2018

"This stuff took dark rust set in stains out of white cotton denim slipcovers. Took a few applications and soaking but was rather miraculous."
November 6, 2017

"My washing machine is an old one and has a few rust areas around the lid opening. Then I discover rust on my clothes that Magica magically removes. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!"
Magica, Inc.