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Len Natoli

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We used Magica on the rust in our 3 toilets and 4 sinks. It worked unbelievably! A little light wipe with a sponge and the stains and rings were gone! After years of attempts and money on other products. Thanks for making this stuff available.

Teri / Brookfield WI

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Amazing product!! Well water and old pipes cause a lot of rust in my house. This product is easy to use, works fast and does not contain harsh chemicals. Been using if for a few years on sinks, tub, toilets, etc. Most recently used it on my sump pump which was stalling b/c of the rust buildup. Worked beautifully.

The Butterscotch Animator

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Very customer service oriented, got a thank you email for my order and the product had detailed use instructions on the website.

Sheryl from Green Bay

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I’ve used this stuff since the 80’s when I lived near Oshkosh and found it at a clothing store there. I still have a tube of the gel! Even after all these years, it works great when you’re dumb enough to leave a soup can in your porcelain sink. The rust ring just disappears with a few drops. I was so happy to find it again on Amazon!

Adam P.

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I was skeptical because I’ve used other things that were supposed to remove rust. I am sold on this stuff. I applied it once waited and a bit washed the liquid off and the rust is gone! No scrubbing at all.