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Maintaining Your Boats Glossy Finish

May 5, 2022

Owning a boat is pretty exciting, and if you want to keep enjoying this pleasure at its finest, you need to be rigorous in maintaining it. Among your top priorities should be keeping your boats glossy finish at its best. This is because the first thing anyone notices when they see a boat is its finish. No matter how good the rest of the vessel is, it will look unappealing if the Gelcoat finish is poorly maintained. You should know that maintaining your boats Gelcoat finish is much easier than you think. Here’s how to do it: Rinse your boat:... View Article

Removing Rust Stains from Your Fishing Boat Using Magica

October 28, 2021

Here in Oshkosh, where Magica is made, it’s time to pull those fishing boats out of the water for the season. Located on one of the largest inland lakes in the country, Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh offers over 215 square miles of open water for fishing boats to explore. It’s a fisherman’s haven! However, when it’s time to reel in the lures for the season, it’s also time for removing rust stains on a fishing boat. If you keep your boat in fresh water, even for a short time, you may get what looks like rust stains on the bottom of... View Article

Why Superyacht Owners Use Magica to Remove Rust Stains

October 14, 2021

First, what is a “superyacht”? And second, why do owners of these vessels need superyacht rust remover? Here at Magica, we know superyachts because many of our customers have them! Now, you may wonder if Bill Gates or Elon Musk is giving us a call and ordering Magica to keep their toys “ship shape.” The quick answer is no. (Or at least, not yet.) However, the crews of superyachts know that Magica is the best for removing rust stains on board their work place. Magica is proud to have marine equipment distributors located all over the globe that service the... View Article

How Magica Works on Even the Largest of Rust Stains

November 25, 2020

In late September, the USS Stout lived up to its name. The Navy destroyer announced that the ship and its crew had been at sea for 208 days. This shattered the previous records held by the cruiser USS San Jacinto and the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. The record is a monument to the sturdy structure of these steel vessels. Of course, that kind of endurance test takes a toll on even the strongest ships at sea. For example, when the USS Stout finally rolled into port after its voyage, the signs of wear and tear were obvious. Long... View Article

Maintaining Your Boat’s Gelcoat Finish

July 15, 2020

Owning a boat means putting in a lot of maintenance work, especially if you want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Most boats have a gelcoat finish, which helps protect the boat from water, rust and other sources of wear and tear. Gelcoat is a thick protective layer that’s applied to fiberglass surfaces, like the body of your boat. It keeps the surface underneath from getting scratched or exposed to moisture, and makes the whole surface shiny. Even though gelcoat is durable and protective, it can still get scratched and stained. Here are our best tips... View Article

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