It’s Boat Show Time!

Save 15% off Magica Rust Remover

With boat show season in South Florida about to “launch”, we are offering a special boat show discount of 15% on Magica Rust Remover products, ordered exclusively through our website,

Magica Rust Remover is a popular boat rust stain remover product in the marine industry, particularly among yacht owners, for its effectiveness in removing rust stains. It’s suitable for various surfaces such as fiberglass, sails, canvas, stainless steel hardware, vinyl seats, cushions, fabrics, and carpets. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for keeping boats and yachts in excellent condition. 

The product is available in both spray and gel formulas and is the best rust stain remover for boats. The spray is ideal for larger areas, while the gel is more suited for spot cleaning and detailing. A significant advantage of our boat rust stain remover is that it doesn’t contain corrosive or harmful acids, making it safe for use without damaging fabrics or gelcoat. Its unique chemistry converts rust into harmless salts that can be easily washed away.

Magica Rust Remover is also noted for being a biodegradable and economical yacht rust stain remover, as a little goes a long way. It’s a product that savvy boaters keep handy for routine cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, Magica Rust Blocker is available for commercial steel vessels, offering rust prevention by sealing rusted ferrous metals with a polymer that converts rust into a protective coating.

The Boat Show discount is available exclusively online through the official Magica website,  Save 15% off by entering the promo code “Save15” at checkout. Stock up and make your boat look new again, but hurry, the promotional discount ends on March 31, 2024.

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