The Importance of Hand Sanitizer During the Pandemic

After almost nine months of enduring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Americans are slowly coming around to the importance of using hand sanitizer in their everyday lives. When you’re out and about, running errands or headed to work, a high-quality hand sanitizer spray can make a substantial difference in your overall health.

Why is hand sanitizer important?

You likely didn’t need to experience the outbreak of a pandemic to understand that germs are everywhere. Even though COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets, those minute organisms can and do land on a huge variety of surfaces.

What’s more, those surfaces can sustain the novel coronavirus for several hours. That gives you plenty of time to touch door handles, gas pumps, debit card machines, light switches, phones, ATMs and toilets that have all been used by an infected person. When you physically come into contact with COVID-19, you substantially increase your risk of contracting it.

What makes Magica’s hand sanitizer stand out?

Fortunately, there’s Magica’s hand sanitizer spray and topical gel. We have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by developing a hand sanitizer engineered to make your life easier.

Our hand sanitizer formula adheres to the World Health Organization’s strict guidelines to ensure that it’s nothing but beneficial to you and your family. What makes Magica’s hand sanitizer stand out is the extra bit of attention we focus on your skin.

In addition to our ethanol-isopropyl mix, Magica’s hand sanitizer contains a special moisturizer to improve the health of your hands while protecting you from COVID-19. Even better, Magica hand sanitizer is quick-drying, and it won’t leave your hands feeling filmy.

How should I use hand sanitizer?

Don’t be conservative when you’re applying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. You should make sure you have enough to cover every part of your hand from the wrist down.

Remember that you shouldn’t be using a hand sanitizer if your hands are noticeably dirty. Hand sanitizer is for removing bacteria and germs, not visible grease and oil.

When should I be using hand sanitizer?

If you’re unclear about when to apply hand sanitizer, the CDC recommends that you apply it before and after entering a public place (for example, to buy groceries). You should take extra care to apply hand sanitizer when you’re visiting people who are particularly susceptible to the virus.

You should also understand that hand sanitizer isn’t an effective replacement for soap and water. You should still soap up whenever you get the opportunity.

Put your trust in Magica

At Magica, Inc., we’ve been the first name in rust removal since we opened our doors in 1988. We’ve built a sterling reputation over those thirty years because Magica Rust Remover is a product we firmly believe in. We’ve poured that same level of conviction into every bottle of our Magica hand sanitizer. We used the familiar Magica name for a reason.

Make sure you and your family are protected during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic by arming yourselves with Magica hand sanitizer. Visit us online to find out more.

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