Can I Use Magica on My Countertops?


Magica rust remover is highly effective on many different types of materials and surfaces. We frequently get people calling in to ask us about whether it can be used on a specific type of material, and the answer is almost always “yes.”

As one example, Magica can come in handy when attempting to clean up your countertops. There are many different types of common countertop materials, and Magica will be effective at removing rust stains on many of them, including Formica, Corian and cultured marble.

However, there are some highly polished surfaces that can get dulled with the use of Magica, as well as with using other mild acids like vinegar or lemon juice if you leave them sitting on your countertop. This doesn’t mean you need to worry about leaving a lemon sitting on top of your polished granite; there are ways you can fix that. It just means you need to carefully read the instructions of any products you use to make sure there won’t be any unexpected side effects on your countertops.

Tips for keeping countertops clean and in good shape

If you do use Magica rust remover or other acidic cleaning products on your countertop and notice it results in a dulled finish, you can find plenty of product options on the market that will easily repair the issue. A simple web search will provide you with numerous options, which you can research at your leisure.

One such product we have heard good things about is Weiman Granite & Stone Complete Care Kit. This product easily cuts through grease and grime and finishes off the surface with a nice, glossy finish that is certain to impress your guests. Based on the directions on the company’s website, it seems quite easy to use—simply turn the nozzle to the spray position and spray the product directly on to the countertop, then wipe it in to achieve a nice shine, like you would with a polyurethane. The company recommends resealing the stone every six to 12 months to keep a good polish and achieve some long-term protection.

Take care when applying Magica

When you do use Magica to remove rust stains from your kitchen and bathroom countertops, it is important to take reasonable care. There is always a chance that it will etch glass or other highly glazed, glossy surfaces.

For this reason, we recommend you first test out the product in an inconspicuous spot on the countertop to make sure it is suitable for use across the entire counter, and will maintain color fastness. Based on the results of that test, you can determine whether or not you are comfortable using the product on a broader level.

If you have any questions at all about the use of Magica rust remover and its suitability for certain materials and applications, we are more than happy to talk to you. Feel free to pick up your phone and give Magica, Inc. a call at any time and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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