Effects of Rust on Planes

Rust on Planes

Amateur and professional pilots alike share one common threat to the planes they hold so dear. Whether you’re at the stick of a personal aircraft or an oversized Airbus, rust is coming for you. Try as you might, there are few proven ways to prevent corrosion indefinitely. You can work on mitigating the onset of rust and wear, but rust is inevitable. At some point, you’ll need to turn to a professional to ensure your plane is ready to hit the runway.

If you’re not already searching for an effective rust removal treatment, the impact corrosion can have on your plane might change your mind!

Ways to Prevent Corrosion

Rust may be sure to attack your beloved plane, but here are a few ways to hold corrosion off for as long as possible:

  • Keep your plane free of moisture as much as possible.
  • Clean your plane inside and out as often as you can.
  • Address aging and chipped paint as quickly as possible by stripping, sanding and repainting the problem areas.
  • Don’t forget to ensure your plane has protective coatings and lubricants added on a regular basis.
  • Cover and store your plane in a hangar, especially during inclement weather.

The only can’t-miss option for preventing corrosion is to have your plane thoroughly inspected by a qualified pro, followed by a rust removal treatment, if necessary. A professional will know where to look and what to look for when it comes to spotting the early warning signs of corrosion.

How Rust Hurts Your Plane

Unless your plane is absent of metal bits and bobs, then you’re at risk for corrosion. Depending on the specific metal, corrosion may even form in ways you don’t expect. For example, rust on aluminum first appears as a dull white or gray sheen on the metal, rather than the reddish-brown hue generally associated with rust.

Left unaddressed, corrosion can cause irreparable damage both inside and outside your plane. It begins by weakening the structural integrity of your plane, but it doesn’t stop there. Rust can eat away at your engine, your landing gear and the very body of your aircraft itself, and leave behind cracks and holes that could put your plane permanently out of commission.

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