How to Clean Rust Off of Stainless Steel

How to Clean Rust Off of Stainless Steel

When stainless steel becomes rusted, it can ruin the visual appearance of the metal, and if left unchecked, it can also degrade the strength and performance of stainless steel. There are several methods that you can use right at home to clean off your stainless steel and keep it looking new, with some requiring less work and time than others.

Cream of Tartar Method

First, you’ll need to combine several drops of lemon juice with a full tablespoon of cream of tartar. This will create a paste that you can then apply to any rusty spots appearing on your stainless steel. Then you will need a soft sponge, which you can use to rub the paste over all visible rust spots on the metal surface. After all oxidation spots have been treated, you can simply wipe away the paste with another damp sponge, and then dry off the metal with a dish cloth.

How to Clean Rust Off of Stainless Steel - sponge

Lemon Juice Method

This tried-and-true method of cleaning oxidation off stainless steel surfaces calls for the mixing of equal amounts baking soda and lemon juice to once again form a paste. This paste would then be used to completely cover the rust spots on the metal surface, before using a damp sponge to wash the gunk away. If this doesn’t completely clean off the oxidation, apply the paste again and this time let it sit for around 30 minutes before removing. If you don’t have lemon juice, lime juice will work just as well in the mixture.

How to Clean Rust Off of Stainless Steel - Lemon

Baking Soda Paste Method

This is a very simple cleaning method which only uses baking soda and two cups of water. Create a paste which is thick enough to be spread over each of the oxidation spots on your stainless steel, and then rub the paste over the surface in the direction of the metal grain, using a clean cloth. Then you can simply use a damp paper towel to rinse off the surface and wipe away all the build-up.

Seeing Results

If you are unable to remove the oxidation from your stainless steel surfaces using one of the methods described above, don’t give up. For really serious stains, you can use Magica Rust Remover, and this will bring you even more cleaning power to bear on your stubborn rusty surfaces.

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