How to Get Rust Off of a Knife

How to Get Rust Off of a Knife

Everyone has come across a knife in their utensils drawer which they haven’t used in a while, and which is now plagued by rust. Sportsmen run into the same problem with hunting knives which haven’t been used in a while. Knives that go unused and untouched can easily acquire rust spots on the metal parts, especially if they’ve been stored in an area which is exposed to humid conditions. If this should happen to you, there is a simple home procedure you can use to restore your knives to their original condition.

Step 1. Fill A Glass With Vinegar

The first step in cleaning your cutlery and removing any rust is to fill a glass with enough white vinegar that the entire blade of the knife will be completely immersed in the vinegar. Then you need to let the blade sit before removing from the liquid.

Step 2. Soak Knife for 5 Minutes

By allowing the knife to soak for at least five minutes, you will give the acid in the vinegar time to penetrate into the rust, so that it can be loosened up and removed. The beauty of using something like vinegar is that the acid is very powerful, yet does no harm at all to the metal surface of your knives.

How to Get Rust Off of a Knife - Rusty Knife

Step 3. Remove Knife and Scrub With Sponge, Rinse and Dry

Once the blade has been soaking for a while, the acid in the vinegar will have done its work, and the knife can be removed from the glass. You should now scrub off all the loosened rust with a damp sponge, then rinse off any remaining residue. Help the blade to dry out by using a cloth or paper towel, and you should have a shiny as new knife.

Check for Results

If the cleaning method described above has not been entirely effective, you can use a chemical method for cleaning the blade such as Magica Rust Remover, a very powerful rust-removing agent. Don’t let rust spell the end of your knives’ life cycle, get rid of all that rust with Magica.

How to Get Rust Off of a Knife - clean knives
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