How to Remove Rust From a Bathtub

If you’ve noticed that your bathtub has slowly been accumulating rust stains because of contact with older faucets and fixtures or the use of well water, there’s an easy way to remove all that unwanted material and restore the tub to a sparkling clean condition. Below are described a professional kind of approach to rust removal, as well as a home remedy approach that will come close to achieving similar results.

Use Magica

For each oxidation spot that you find on your bathtub, the easiest way to remove it will be by spraying a dose or two of Magica Rust Remover and allowing it to sit for approximately 10 minutes. After that time has passed, you can simply rinse away all traces of the oxidation with water, and your bathtub should be looking just like new. This product comes in a gel formula and in a gallon size container, so it can be used to clean any household objects which develop oxidation stains. For your bathtub cleaning project, the spray bottle is probably best suited to clear off all traces of rust.

How to Remove Rust From a Bathtub - Rusty-Drain.jpg

Home Remedies

Even though some bathtubs are made of materials that might be harmed by the acids found in vinegar, all bathtubs will be safe if treated with a mixture of lemon juice and salt for oxidation removal. First, you should squeeze lemon juice over any rusty spots on your bathtub, and it is best if the stains are dampened so that the salt will stick to them. Then sprinkle some of that salt onto each spot and allow it to rest for somewhere between three and four hours. After that time, you can gently rub the mixture away with a microfiber cloth, and then rinse the tub off, so that all remaining lemon, salt, and rust are washed away.

How to Remove Rust From a Bathtub - Lemon and Salt

Act Fast to Eradicate Rust

There are two easy ways of removing oxidation from your bathtub which have been described. The optimal of the two methods is using the powerful rust removing agent Magica Rust Remover because it has been specially formulated as a very mild cleaning agent, while still being extremely powerful on the job. Contact the manufacturer to purchase your own supply of this product, and while you’re waiting, you may want to get started with the home remedy version for rust removal.