Magica, Inc. Is Now a Thomas Verified Supplier

As a business owner or manufacturer, finding reliable suppliers is vital to your production and sales. Researching, vetting and building relationships with suppliers takes time, however. When you need verified, quality products, it’s easy to settle for the first company you find—but that means you could be missing out on better deals or more suitable items.

That’s why Magica, Inc. is excited to be one of Thomas’ verified suppliers. Our complete line of products is now listed on Thomas, allowing industrial buyers to quickly source our rust stain removers and hand sanitizers, equipment and more. Read on to learn why we’re glad to be a part of Thomas’ network.

What does it mean to be a Thomas verified supplier?

When engineers, buyers and manufacturing professionals need products or supplies, it takes more than a quick Google search to find the right company. Even if you find some promising suppliers on the web, you’ll still need to verify that they’re legitimate companies that make the kinds of products you need. That can soak up hours of your time.

Thomas matches industrial buyers with over 500,000 different companies. This allows them to search by product as well as company type, diversity status, location, certifications and other parameters. Buyers can compare and shortlist their top suppliers, making it easy to contrast prices, location, production and shipping time and other qualities, all in one place. Once they’ve come up with several possibilities, they can send RFIs with just one click.

Being a “verified” supplier means that our company’s information has been verified by Thomas, including the fact that we operate in North America, our products have been reviewed and validated and we’re open to new supplying opportunities. Prospective customers will be able to easily contact us to request more information.

Why we’re proud to be a Thomas verified supplier

This is a great opportunity for Magica, Inc. to connect with new customers across North America. Being a Thomas verified supplier helps buyers not only find our company, but keep us on their supplier shortlist. As our customer base grows, we’re looking forward to expanding our reach and showing buyers how we’re committed to excellence. From products to customer service, we’re confident we’ll be able to meet every buyer’s needs.

Our Thomas supplier page features our Magica® Rust Removers product line, including gel, spray and refill options. Buyers are also able to learn more about our new hand sanitizer line (a response to the COVID-19 crisis) and the equipment we offer.

In short, being a Thomas verified supplier will help us reach more industrial buyers while providing them the assurance that we’re legitimate and ready for business.

Are you looking for a quality rust stain spray remover that really works? Magica, Inc. makes rust stains disappear like magic. Safe to use on virtually any surface, our stain remover can restore industrial equipment, cars, boats and more. Contact us today to get a quote, or shop online. We look forward to working with you soon!

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