Magica Knocks Rust Out of the Park!

Rust Removal Solution

We’re excited to say that Magica is playing a role in a massive precast concrete construction project currently underway in Texas as part of the development of the new stadium project for the Texas Rangers baseball team. The team is getting a brand new, $1.1 billion retractable roof stadium. Precast Restoration, one of the contractors working on the project, recently purchased 15 gallons of Magica’s rust removal products to help with site cleanup to remove rust stains from the concrete.

Here’s an overview of the project and what baseball fans can expect out of this new stadium once it debuts for the 2020 season.

The Texas Rangers’ new digs

The stadium is Globe Life Field, and construction on the project just keeps moving along. Most of the exterior work on the project is already complete—the process of putting the retractable roof in place began in earnest in October, and more than 800 workers have been onsite in rotating shifts for 24 hours a day, six days a week. Concrete would be poured around 1 a.m. so that all the cement mixers and other large vehicles used for the process wouldn’t jam up traffic during rush hour.

The project remains on track to be complete in early 2020, with plenty of time to spare before opening day of the 2020 MLB season. Both the Rangers and the primary contractor on the project, Manhattan Construction, seem extremely confident that the project will be done on time, which is impressive given that they had to start with a hilly parking lot and deal with a lot of logistical challenges to get the site prepped.

The excavation for the project went down as far as 50 feet below street level. By September, the project was already 85 percent complete for cast-in-place concrete, and structural steel work had begun. Now, most of the work being done on the project is not as much foundational as it is the finer detail work inside.

The construction of the roof had always been expected to be the most difficult part of the project. Retractable roofs for stadiums are still a relatively new concept in the baseball world. The Milwaukee Brewers have perhaps the most well-known stadium with such a roof, in Miller Park. However, the Brewers’ development of that project in 1999 and 2000 made national news when a massive crane being used to work on the roof collapsed, killing three workers and resulting in the delay of the opening of the stadium.

But now, that aspect of the project is behind them, and the developers are beginning to work on some cleanup as well as some of the more intricate work indoors. Magica’s rust treatment product will be put to use to clean up the concrete around the property, making everything look shiny and new again before the stadium officially opens up for business.

For more information about some examples of practical applications of Magica in construction projects and maintenance settings, contact us today and we’ll be happy to share more information about our rust removal products.

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