Now Removing Stains in the Land Down Under!

Rust Removal

At Magica, Inc., we’re thrilled to be working with a brand-new distributor in Australia: Australian Boating Supplies, a large marine equipment supplier in Queensland that is a go-to source for boating needs for people on the Gold Coast. By the time you’re reading this, their first shipment of Magica rust remover should have arrived!

As any boat owner will tell you, there is a lot of maintenance required for the vessel that you don’t necessarily envision yourself doing when you first start thinking about purchasing one. This is true not just for hobby watercraft like speedboats and yachts, but also for large commercial vessels—these boats require regular cleaning and maintenance to help you avoid significant issues with rust and corrosion. Considering the fact that most of the boat navigation in Australia is done on the oceans, the constant exposure to saltwater will absolutely take its toll sooner rather than later.

The good news is that dealing with rust doesn’t exactly require a significant amount of training. Here’s some information about how you can use a rust cleaner to get rid of problem spots before they develop into something more significant.

Preventing major rust-related issues

You have a lot of options when it comes to the methods you can use to remove rust from your boat. In some cases, a simple mixture of clean water and a mild all-purpose detergent will give you enough cleaning power to remove dirt and other buildup that accumulates when you’re out on the water. Simply take some clean rags, dip it in the mixture and wipe down the affected surfaces. You’ll need to pay close attention to any areas that look like they’re developing rust spots so you can make sure they’re completely clean before you introduce any chemicals to the equation.

Most of the time, if you have rust buildup, you’ll need a product specifically designed for rust removal, such as our Magica Rust Remover. Apply the rust remover to the area in question and allow it to sit and soak in in accordance with the directions on the package. Once you’ve let it sit for long enough, you can use a scrub brush to brush away the rust. You can repeat this process as needed to make sure you get rid of all the rust on the surface.

Sometimes, depending on where the rust is located, you might need to use slightly different methods to avoid damaging the surface, especially on the fiberglass portions of the boat. A scrub brush might not be ideal in a high visibility area if there’s a chance it will scuff up the surface.

There are also circumstances in which you may be able to work in a pressure washer as well, often after you have applied a rust remover. In any case, you’re going to want to wet the surface again after using a rust remover product to get rid of any excess solution.

If you’re interested in learning more about our rust remover product, we encourage you to contact us or reach out to Australian Boating Supplies for more information!

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