Why Do Home Fixtures Need Rust Treatment?

Home Fixtures

The interior of your home isn’t exposed to the elements. If your fixtures aren’t outside, why do they rust? Shouldn’t they be exempt from this damage? Why would you need rust removal products for home fixtures?

If you’ve ever wondered why your home fixtures rust, here’s your answer! Use this guide to understand why some fixtures rust and why you’ll need rust treatment to restore them.

Hard Water Rust

Some fixtures need rust treatment due to hard water. Hard water is water that contains high concentrations of minerals. These minerals typically include iron, calcium and magnesium.

As fixtures are exposed to hard water, over time, they develop rust. The more exposure the fixtures have to hard water, the more damage that can occur. Fixtures often affected by hard water include sink faucets, shower fixtures and home appliances.

To protect fixtures from hard water, many homeowners use products or systems to soften their water. This may or may not be an option for you. Even if it is, you may have already experienced staining on your fixtures before you had the opportunity to treat your water.

Regardless of the situation, Magica can help. If your hard water has stained your fixtures, you need a tough rust removal option, and Magica provides it. This incredible product can remove rust stains from virtually any surface, from sinks to showers and more.

Rust Stain Prevention

Of course, you probably would like to know if your fixtures are at risk of staining in the first place. Do you know if you have hard water? Use these tips to determine if your water is hard and your fixtures might need rust treatment in the future.

  • Odor: If your water smells like rotten eggs, tastes like metal or has other impure odors or flavors, it might be hard. The minerals present in the water are affecting its smell and taste. A metallic taste is particularly telling that the water contains too much iron, which can lead to rust stains on your fixtures.
  • Stains: Of course, the biggest indicator that rust treatment is needed is the presence of rust stains. Are unsightly orange or brown stains forming in your toilet, sink or shower? This is probably caused by exposure to hard water. If these stains are already present, all is not lost. Simply use a good rust removal product like Magica to restore your fixtures.
  • Scum: Are you constantly cleaning up soap scum? Are your dishes always spotty when you unload them from the dishwasher? Hard water can make it difficult to clean surfaces because the cleaning products and minerals don’t interact well. If soap scum accumulates in your home, it may be due to hard water.

Top Rust Treatment Solutions

Is hard water making it tough to keep your fixtures looking sharp? Turn to Magica for a unique rust treatment solution. This rust removal product can remove rust stains from virtually any surface, from concreate to antique lace.

Homeowners as well as professionals in the construction and marine industries turn to Magica when they face tough rust stains. Try Magica Rust Removal today with no risk. We guarantee our product will remove any rust stain.

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