Why Do I Have Rust in My Sink?

Rust stains in your sink can build up over time due to the presence of dissolved iron that is found in the drinking water that runs through municipal systems. With long-term exposure to air, that iron will oxidize and stick to the surface of your sinks, tubs and showers, creating an orange-red stain. People often try to clean these stains with bleach, only to discover that actually makes the problem even worse, because the bleach forms a chemical reaction with the rust to create even more rust in that specific area.

There are certain parts of the country that have much higher iron content in their water than others, but all water systems will have at least some level of iron found in the water that flows through them. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can use a sink rust remover, like Magica, to keep your sinks and tubs looking their best.

Here are some tips for preventing and removing rust stains:

  • Always rinse after use: After every time you use the sink or bathtub, rinse it out and then wipe it down with a towel. This will make sure you don’t have any water with iron residue resting on the surface just waiting to oxidize.
  • Use a pumice stone: Wet a pumice stone and rub it along the sink or the tub. As you do so, the pumice will start to dissolve in the water, forming a sort of paste. You can use this as a sort of natural sink rust removal product, which can help you to scrub out the rust stains.
  • Remove metal products: The formation of rust stains can be accelerated if you have certain types of metal products in your bathroom. Metal spray cans on the sink or in the bathtub or shower can form orange-red rings on the surface, so rather than storing them in these places, keep them away in a cupboard or cabinet and only pull them out when you know you’re going to use them. This goes for hair sprays, shaving creams and air fresheners, all of which are likely to have those metal rings on the bottom.
  • Install a water softener: The use of a water softener in your home can help you decrease the iron content of the water before it comes out through your faucet. It also cuts down on other minerals such as calcium, lime and magnesium. These systems are especially beneficial if you live in one of those parts of the country where the iron content in the water is especially high.
  • Acid mixtures: If you don’t have a specific sink rust removal product on hand, you can make your own with a mixture of oxalic acid and warm water, or with a white vinegar or lemon juice mixture. These types of home mixtures can be sprayed onto the surface, then let sit for a few minutes to eat away at the rust before you scrub it away with a hard-bristle brush. Be sure to rinse thoroughly when complete.

For more information about our sink rust removers for your use at home, contact the team at Magica, Inc. today.

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