An Overview of Magica’s International Distributors

When you’re outside of the United States, there’s no reason for your boat to suffer from rust stains. Magica has partnered with several international distributors so you can purchase our rust remover around the globe.

As you know, Magica removes rust stains from boats as well as fabric, concrete, furniture and more. Since it avoids harmful and corrosive acids, you can use it on just about anything. All you have to do is apply Magica to the rust stain and watch it disappear before your eyes.

Here’s where to get Magica around the world:

  • Al-Hetmi Group in Doha, Qatar: Al-Hetmi has been providing high-quality products to Qatar since 1994. Primarily a property, construction and restaurant management supply company, you can find Magica through them the next time you’re in Qatar.
  • AllSource Export in the Caribbean: AllSource has been providing exported products to every Caribbean island since 1995. Paradise wouldn’t be complete without Magica to help keep it that way.
  • Australian Boating Supplies: Headed to the land down under? Australian Boating Supplies offers Magica in stores and online, for your convenience.
  • Azcor Products in Ontario, Canada: Azcor Products imports Magica so our northern neighbors can enjoy stain-free boats and equipment, too.
  • Bermuda Marine Locker Supply & Services: Bermuda Marine Locker in Hamilton, Bermuda specializes in everything you need to keep your boat up and running, including Magica rust remover.
  • Budget Marine in Trinidad and Tobago and the U.S. Virgin Islands: This marine supplier chain is located in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, and keeps Magica on their shelves.
  • Clarence Thomas Ltd. in British Virgin Islands: Whether you’re looking for home improvement supplies or gear for your boats, this store carries Magica along with a number of other products.
  • Ferreteria Del Hogar in Puerto Rico: When you’re in Puerto Rico, stop by Ferreteria Del Hogar for Magica, tools and more.
  • Marine Power Solutions in Barbados: Marine Power Solutions carries all the best boat supplies, tools and equipment—including Magica rust stain remover.
  • Martinez Marine in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Need specialty boat supplies and services when you’re in San Juan? Martinez Marine is your destination for Magica and other necessities.
  • Marine Store in Viareggio, Italy: Marine Store carries a wide variety of tools and equipment for your yacht.
  • Pinmar Yacht Supply in Barcelona, Spain: When sailing through the warm Mediterranean waters, don’t forget to pick up Magica from this superyacht supplier.
  • Versilia Supply Service in Italy, France and Spain: Versilia is a leading mega-yacht supplier with locations in Italy, France and Spain. When you’re on the Continent, don’t forget to pick up some Magica.

Keeping your boat rust-stain-free is easy, no matter where you’re sailing. Some vendors also offer online shopping for your convenience. Don’t forget to stop by and pick up your Magica supply next time you’re in international waters.

To learn more about our international distributors, reach out to the team at Magica today. We’d be glad to help you find the resources you need to enjoy your boat, whether at home or abroad.

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