How to Remove Rust Stains From a Bicycle Chain

When rust gets on your bicycle chain, it can really slow you down, and if it gets bad enough it might even prevent you from using the bicycle at all. But you don’t have to throw away that bicycle chain and buy a new one, because the rust can be removed if you know how to go about it. Below you’ll find a couple different ways you can effectively get rid of the oxidation on your bicycle chain, so you can get a few more years of life out of it.

How to Remove Rust Stains From a Bicycle Chain - Chain

Use Magica

There is an outstanding product called Magica Rust Remover which is formulated to have a very mild composition, but which is ferocious in attacking rust. To get rid of all the oxidation on your bicycle chain, you can either use the spray bottle form of this product and spray the affected areas directly, or you can purchase a gallon of the rust remover and immerse your entire bicycle chain in a bucket. Either way, after about 10 minutes, Magica will have done its work, and you will be able to wash away all the rust simply by spraying some ordinary water on your bicycle chain. No hard work, no messes to clean up, and no more worries about rust.

Home Remedies

As long as your bicycle chain has not been completely overwhelmed by oxidation, you can probably restore it by using a couple of home remedies. Lemon juice or lime juice have been historically effective in removing rust, and you might also try WD-40 if you have some of that on hand. Once you have effectively removed all the rust from your bicycle chain, you’ll just need to wash it off, and then lubricate it again before actually using it.

How to Remove Rust Stains From a Bicycle Chain - Clean Chain

Clean Your Chain Quickly

Don’t throw away that bicycle chain which has become rusted, because you might be able to salvage it by using Magica Rust Remover. You can purchase the product in three different forms at this website, and you’ll be able to use Magica to restore your bicycle chain to its former state of usability. While waiting for your shipment of Magica, you can probably make your bicycle chain operational again by immersing it in lemon or lime juice, and then washing it off and lubricating it for usage.

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