Tips for Preventing Rust on Antiques

If you want to keep your antiques in great condition, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent rust and other forms of wear and tear. This is particularly crucial for metals, which are more prone to rust, especially as they age.

Here’s a quick look at some of the steps you can take for preventing rust on antiques:

  • Proper storage: Whenever possible, try to keep antique items (particularly metals) out of areas that are prone to humidity and moisture. Wherever moisture exists, there is a significantly increased risk of rust. Keep metals off of concrete or other materials that are likely to absorb and transfer moisture, and whenever possible, use covers or containers to store items, so they aren’t exposed to humid environments.
  • Perform regular maintenance: The best way to keep your items in good condition is to take good care of them. Regular maintenance can help prevent rust formation and halt the spread of any rust that has already formed. Remove rust as you see it forming. You can use a razor blade for small areas and finish off the area to remove stains and lingering rust with an antique rust remover, like our Magica rust stain remover product.
  • Consider galvanizing: For some items, it may be possible to galvanize them. This coats steel or iron in zinc to prevent rust. Zinc corrodes at a significantly slower rate than steel and iron, which makes it an effective method of fighting against and preventing rust.
  • Apply oil: One aspect of ongoing maintenance beyond removing rust as it appears is to apply coatings of oil. This will help to prevent or slow down the spread of rust because it prevents moisture from the surrounding environment from reaching the iron in the metal. Just make sure you double-check your specific material is able to use oil—not all metals will necessarily benefit from lubrication.
  • Paint items: Certain items can benefit from a good coat of paint before they’re put into storage. If they were previously painted but have started to lose their coats, this will help restore their appearance while also protecting them from potential environmental hazards that could lead to rust formation.
  • Apply polyurethane: Other items can benefit from a polyurethane coating. Wood, for example, will see significantly less degradation over time if you use a polyurethane coating. Not only will this protect it from rust stains, but it will also protect it from scratches, dents and other forms of deterioration that could mar its appearance.

These are just a few examples of some of the best methods of preventing rust formation. Of course, it’s always beneficial to have a reliable rust stain removal product on hand to give you additional tools to fight against rust once it forms.

Magica rust stain remover is the premier rust stain removal product on the market and is incredibly easy to use for antique rust removal. To learn more about its capabilities and how it can be used effectively for a wide range of materials, contact our team today with your questions.

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