What Caused the Rust Stains in the Sink?

It’s a common problem. Your once-pristine sink is looking worse for the wear, and it’s all because unsightly rust stains have appeared. You could try to scrub them away with a product made for sink rust stain removal, but you’re still left wondering what caused them in the first place.

If you’re facing rust stains in your sink, use the following FAQ to get answers. Use the tips provided to keep your sink looking clean and rust-free.

What causes rust stains?

Rust stains may look dirty, but it’s actually the water that is flowing through your pipes that is causing the rust stains in the sink. Many municipal water supplies and some private wells offer water that has dissolved iron in the liquid. As this iron is exposed to the air, it collects on your sink, causing ugly rust stains.

Is a rusty sink dirty?

When you see a rusty sink, you might think it looks that way because it has not been cleaned. In fact, the sink may have been cleaned very recently, but the proper method was not used to remove the stains. It might be disinfected, but it still looks unattractive.

Should I use bleach for sink rust stain removal?

Using bleach for sink rust stain removal is actually one of the worst things you can do. Bleach and chemicals will only worsen the problem. It’s important to use a cleaner that is designed to remove rust stains.

What cleaner is appropriate for sink rust stain removal?

If you need to remove tough rust stains from your sink, consider using Magica Rust Remover. This unique product removes rust stains from virtually any surface. It gets rid of rust stains without the use of harsh acids that most brands include. Homeowners as well as professionals in the construction and marine industries turn to Magica Rust Remover to rid their surfaces of the worst rust stains.

How can I prevent future rust stains?

Of course, once you’ve used Magica Rust Remover to clean up your sink, you’ll want to keep it looking sharp. To prevent rust from forming in the sink in the future, take the following steps:

  • Wipe it: After you use your sink, wipe it down with a towel or other cloth. This will remove any remaining water so iron does not build up on the fixtures.
  • Remove it: Don’t leave any metal products in your sink. Any hair products, shaving cream or other items that have metal containers can rust and create a ring of orange on the surface where you leave them.
  • Soften it: You can remove iron deposits from your water by installing a water softener. This machine removes minerals from your home’s water supply, which will eliminate the issue of rust in the sink as well as provide benefits for your entire plumbing system.

Say goodbye to rust

Try Magica Rust Removal today with no risk. We guarantee that our product will remove any rust stain. Check our website for more details on our guarantee. Use Magica for sink rust stain removal and say goodbye to stubborn rust stains!

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