5 Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Boats & Yachts Used in Saltwater

5 Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Boats & Yachts Used in Saltwater

Preventing the formation of rust on your boat is a difficult task, and it’s made even harder when your boat spends most of its time in saltwater. Saltwater can significantly accelerate the rusting process on all surfaces of your boat, especially those that come in direct contact with the water. That means you’ll need to take some steps to remove existing oxidation periodically, as well as to use some preventive measures which will keep oxidation from forming in the first place. Below, you can read about some specially formulated products which are ideal for combating rust formation.

How Can I Prevent my Boat or Super Yacht From Rusting in Salt Water?

While saltwater can quickly impact the surfaces of your vessel, there are some things you can do to slow down that process and to prevent it if you’re really conscientious about your methods. After you use your boat, it should be washed thoroughly with clean water and a mild detergent. You might also want to invest in a cover so that it can be kept dry and out of the elements. You should inspect your boat periodically for any signs of oxidation or corrosion development, and deal with them immediately before they get worse. Once rust has actually formed on any of your boat surfaces, you’ll have to use some product which has the sole function of removing oxidation, such as those described below.

5 Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Boats and Yachts Used in Saltwater - Boat

Regular Cleaning

One of the best things that you can do for the health of your vessel is regular cleaning, of all aspects, and especially those susceptible to rust. Use of a scraper, or in the case larger ships, a diver equipped with scraping tools, allows the cleaning of the hull to avoid the buildup of materials that would lead to rusting.

Magica Rust Remover

This product is one of the best choices you can make for situations where you already have rust formed on some of your boat’s surfaces. It’s extremely effective at removing rust from deck fittings, fiberglass, canvas tops, sails, vinyl upholstery, marine carpets, and even boat cushions. It’s very easy to use because you can just spray it on, then wait for it to break down oxidation into harmless salts, and rinse it away with some fresh water.


Silica Gel Packs

While silica gel packs won’t offer much value in removing oxidation which has already formed, they are very good at preventing the formation of future oxidation. They are industrial-strength desiccants which have the capability of absorbing moisture so as to protect your vessel from a number of unwanted substances such as mold, mildew, corrosion, and rusting. This is a moisture-control product rather than a rust remover, so it’s ideal for use as a preventive measure.

Boeshields T-9

Originally developed by Boeing Aircraft, this is a superior product combining several different lubricants, waxes, and solvents which penetrate deeply into a surface to displace moisture and lubricate the surface. It’s very effective for marine applications, and it dries to a film which is thick and waxy and clings powerfully to metal surfaces. Since it’s non-conductive, it will inhibit short-circuits, and it’s safe to use on vinyl, paint, and plastics.

Sacrificial Anodes

There are some parts of the ship that are impossible to keep out of constant contact with water, and rust-promoting conditions. In these scenarios, it can be extremely beneficial to install a sacrificial anode. This device will preserve your hull, propeller, ladders, and other sections of the vessel fully submerged from rusting by using electrical current to funnel the damage to that anode instead of the vital parts of the ship itself. Due to their sacrificial nature, they will need to be replaced at some point, to prevent the damage progressing to the ship itself.

5 Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Boats and Yachts Used in Saltwater -Sacrifical Anodes

Protect Your Vessel Today

Saltwater can be very damaging to many of the surfaces of your boat or yacht, particularly those which are constantly exposed to the water. After following some useful steps to prevent the formation of oxidation, you may still have to use some kind of product which will remove oxidation so that it doesn’t worsen and cause serious damage to your craft.

One of the best of these products is Magica Rust Remover, which is the fastest-working and easiest to use product on the market. Contact us today to get your own supply of Magica, so you’re prepared for the upcoming boating season, and so you can keep your vessel in tip-top shape, free from rusting and corrosion.

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