Maintaining Your Boats Glossy Finish

Owning a boat is pretty exciting, and if you want to keep enjoying this pleasure at its finest, you need to be rigorous in maintaining it. Among your top priorities should be keeping your boats glossy finish at its best. This is because the first thing anyone notices when they see a boat is its finish. No matter how good the rest of the vessel is, it will look unappealing if the Gelcoat finish is poorly maintained. You should know that maintaining your boats Gelcoat finish is much easier than you think. Here’s how to do it:

  • Rinse your boat: Before taking your boat out after a long winter storage, it’s vital that you rinse it down with fresh water and soap. This will eliminate dirt, dust and other grime and debris that could have formed when the vessel was in storage. If you notice any hard-to-remove grime on the boat, gently scrub it away with a brush.
  • Remove oxidation: During the winter storage, your boat might have attracted oxidation stains and rust. Use an approved rust remover to clear the oxidation stains and the rust from the boat and rinse it off with clean water. Let the vessel dry thoroughly before waxing it.
  • Use an approved paste wax for protection: There are numerous waxing products available on the market. You shouldn’t cheap out on the paste wax to protect your boat as this is your valuable asset. Only use approved paste wax on your vessel and buff the wax off once it dries.
  • Rinse the vessel with fresh water after use in saltwater: Whenever you take your vessel out in saltwater, you should always rinse it off with fresh water before storage. Make sure that the metal components of the boat are thoroughly dry before storage to prevent rust.
  • Treat the boat’s metal components with oxidation removers: Anytime you notice oxidation spots or rust starting to form on your boat’s metal components, treat them with oxidation removers. Once done, apply metal polish. Dealing with oxidation spots and rust as soon as they emerge will prevent the metal components from being extensively damaged.
  • Get rid of new stains and rewax: Whenever you see rust stains forming on the vessel’s Gelcoat, remove them with an approved rust remover and rewax the spot.
  • Park your vessel in the shade: Exposing your boat to sunlight for extended periods, like when parked, can lead to the deterioration of the Gelcoat. Therefore, always park your vessel in a shaded area.

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