Protect Your Investment After the Miami International Boat Show with High-Quality Rust Treatment!

The Risks of Rust

It’s just around the corner—one of the biggest weeks of the year for boat enthusiasts from all over the United States and beyond. This year’s Miami International Boat Show runs February 14 through 18 at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin in Miami, Florida on Rickenbacker Causeway. Every year it’s a fantastic event filled with boat lovers, vendors and a whole lot of great experiences and valuable information.

Make no mistake—this is one of the biggest boat shows in the world. It will be “all hands on deck” to make sure every vessel, from super yacht to paddle boat, is in ship shape for the event. This means performing all necessary maintenance to ensure they’re in good working order, as well as taking all necessary steps to clean and polish the watercraft before the event goes up.

Boat detailing companies all over South Florida have known for many years that Magica is the ultimate product for removing rust stains from all types of surfaces, making it ideal for use in marine environments and on boats. Rust never sleeps in South Florida, with all the tropical sun and salt, so having an ideal rust treatment product stowed away in your cleaning tool box is an absolute must.

This is especially important for people who make a big purchase at the Miami International Boat Show. Don’t forget to purchase some Magica to keep in your dock box so you can keep your brand-new boat rust free!

Rust and boats

Removing rust from fiberglass is a bit different from the process of removing rust from a metal surface, which is why it’s a good idea to have a versatile cleaner like Magica that can get rust and corrosion off of just about any type of material and surface imaginable.

The best process is to start by removing algae and other larger debris with a pressure washer before you start attacking the boat with the Magica and your scrub brush or rag. This will save you a whole lot of time and effort—the pressure washer will be great for doing all the big work and getting the boat relatively clean before you really go after the rust with the Magica. It also removes some of this dirt and debris away from those stubborn rust spots you need to hit, so you can better see them and know where you need to focus your attention with the rust treatment.

Once you’ve completed the pressure washing, begin using the Magica on the rust-stained areas. Rub it in and then simply wipe the stain away—if you’ve never used the product before, you’ll be amazed at just how well it works!

Ultimately, this is an important process for protecting the structural integrity and appearance of your watercraft. You put a lot of money into the purchase of your boat, so why not do everything you can to protect it?

Contact the team at Magica, Inc. today for more information about rust treatment and removal!

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