Removing Rust Stains from Your Fishing Boat Using Magica

Here in Oshkosh, where Magica is made, it’s time to pull those fishing boats out of the water for the season. Located on one of the largest inland lakes in the country, Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh offers over 215 square miles of open water for fishing boats to explore. It’s a fisherman’s haven! However, when it’s time to reel in the lures for the season, it’s also time for removing rust stains on a fishing boat.

If you keep your boat in fresh water, even for a short time, you may get what looks like rust stains on the bottom of the boat. The good news: Magica rust remover works like magic for removing rust stains on a fishing boat. It’s a simple, efficient process.

How to remove rust on my boat

True to its name, Magica works like magic when removing rust on a fishing boat. You can say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and scraping to try to keep your boat free of rust stains. Magica makes it easy.

Simply spray Magica on rust stains and let the product work its magic. In just a few seconds, rust stains disappear. The proprietary formula breaks down rust stains and removes them in no time. Simply wash away the product after the stains are gone, and you’re done. It’s really that easy!

Why I need to remove rust on my boat

You may wonder why removing rust on a fishing boat is necessary. After all, it’s just going to get fresh stains on it the next time you put it in the water, right? Probably. But removing rust on a fishing boat offers several advantages. Keep these in mind as you take your boat out of the water for the season. Before you place it in storage, use Magica to remove rust stains and reap the following benefits:

  • Protection: If rust stains are allowed to remain on the boat, they can cause problems over time. The rust particles can start to eat away at the materials. Eventually, rust stains can become rust holes—and holes aren’t good for boats that want to stay afloat.
  • Pride: If you’re a boat owner, you probably take a lot of pride in your vessel. Removing rust on a fishing boat keeps it looking sharp and inviting. You’ll be proud to put your boat in the water and take it for a ride.
  • Price: If you ever decide to sell your fishing boat (maybe to upgrade your boat, or if you decide to retire from fishing), you will want to get top dollar for the vessel. To maximize resale value, always stay on top of removing rust stains on a fishing boat. A boat that is stain-free will fetch top dollar compared to a stained and rusted boat that few buyers will want.

Learn more

See the magic for yourself! To see how easy it is to remove those rust stains from your fishing boat, check out these helpful videos. Works in seconds! No scrubbing needed! For more information or to place your order, contact our team. We look forward to helping you keep your boat in ship shape.

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