Danie B.

OMG! What can I possibly have to say that is negative about this product? Nothing! Not a darn thing, other than it should be found in every store’s laundry aisle and household. This is amazing. I just received it, tried it on a delicate 65+ year old dress that had rust stains on it. I had lace prepared to cover the stains should it not work…now I’ve got lace that needs a different use. All of the rust stains immediately dissapeared upon product application, and I am doing a final laundering of the garment right now. So happy. It’s name, “Magica,” suits it well. I tried every stain remover trick in the book, and nothing has come close to the results of this product. Sadly I didn’t think to photograph the dress’ before and after. F.Y.I. many people complained about the sprayer (nozzle/bottle,) being flimsy and crappy. I will admit the sprayer seems flimsy and it will likely break, but I’d give it high marks regardless of that. If that is what I have to deal with-a minor inconvenience of a sprayer that is flimsy or breaks-I’d gladly pay for even an intentionally faulty sprayer if it meant that I had a product that perfectly restored a very vintage and beautiful dress. It seems trivial and petty to leave a review that knocks the product for a flimsy sprayer, when it has the potential to save an adored garment. This is why I am giving it 5 stars. If it were that important to me, it’d be an easy fix to rehome it to a different bottle or replace the sprayer.

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