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How Magica Works on Even the Largest of Rust Stains

November 25, 2020

In late September, the USS Stout lived up to its name. The Navy destroyer announced that the ship and its crew had been at sea for 208 days. This shattered the previous records held by the cruiser USS San Jacinto and the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. The record is a monument to the sturdy structure of these steel vessels. Of course, that kind of endurance test takes a toll on even the strongest ships at sea. For example, when the USS Stout finally rolled into port after its voyage, the signs of wear and tear were obvious. Long... View Article

How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

November 6, 2020

Now that it’s fall, many families across the nation are putting away their patio furniture for the season. Some folks are shocked to find that when they move their furniture, rust stains lurk on the concrete underneath. It’s unsightly and irritating, especially if you pride yourself on maintaining a beautiful backyard. Of course, patio furniture isn’t the only source of rust stains. Leaving metal objects on concrete—like tools, tire rims, bicycle components and more—can also damage your concrete. Even water, if it has a high enough iron content, can leave behind rust stains. If you’ve never dealt with removing rust... View Article

How to Remove Water Stains from the Bottom of Your Boat

October 23, 2020

Now that fall is here and winter is well on its way, most boat owners are putting their boats away for the season. Before you can retire it for the next few months, however, you need to clean it. Many boats develop water stains on the bottom of the hull. They’re unsightly and frustrating, can affect your boat’s performance and will build up over time. When cleaning your boat hull, there’s an easy way to remove water stains. Magica Rust Remover makes rust and water stains disappear quickly and easily. If “no elbow grease required” sounds like the ideal way... View Article

Risks of Using Rusted Cookware

September 15, 2020

Has your cast iron seen better days? Is your muffin tin looking more orange than silver? Rust can form on many of our metal pans, utensils, tins and cookware, especially if you let them soak in the sink just a little too long. Can you use rusted cookware without getting sick, or are you risking your health until you re-season that cast iron skillet? The short answer is that rusty cookware probably won’t harm you, but it’s certainly not ideal. Read on to learn more about the risks of using rusted cookware and how to easily remove rust. What happens... View Article

How to Remove Rust Stains from Your Toilet Bowl

September 1, 2020

Toilet bowl rust stains make your home look as though it’s in a perpetual state of disrepair, even if you regularly scrub your toilet and fixtures. The unmistakable reddish-brown stains are not only unsightly, but stubborn, too. Regular toilet cleaners won’t get the job done—in fact, they may actually set the stain, making it even harder to remove. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get rid of rust stains, including using Magica® Rust Removers. Read on to learn more about how rust forms in your toilet bowl and what you can do to stop it. Why does rust... View Article

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