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Keeping Your Equipment Free of Rust Stains Is Easy with Magica

May 12, 2021

Rust can attack iron and iron alloys when exposed to moisture and air. No matter how well you maintain your tools and equipment, rust can still form if you’re not careful. In fact, municipal water companies may be responsible—in some areas of the country, the water has a high iron content. This causes rust stains, which can damage your tools and equipment if left unchecked. DIY-ers and plant managers alike have learned that the easiest way to keep equipment and tools free of rust stains is with Magica. Magica is an easy-to-use rust stain removal product—no rubbing or scrubbing required.... View Article

Preventing and Removing Rust from Your Lawn Irrigation System

April 28, 2021

Rust can wreak havoc on your lawn irrigation system. Not only can it plug up your sprinkler heads and wear holes in any metal pipes, but it also leaves rust stains all over different surfaces. Your home’s siding, sidewalks, fences and other surfaces may suffer rust stains when you have water with high iron content. Here’s how you can prevent or remove rust in your irrigation system, with the help of Magica Rust Remover. How rust gets into your irrigation system Rust can get into your irrigation system when your water has high iron content. Alternatively, the rust can form... View Article

Effective Ways to Remove Rust from a Concrete Patio

April 6, 2021

As springtime gets in full swing, you’re probably looking forward to spending plenty of time in the outdoors on your concrete patio. As winter weather leaves and things begin to thaw, you might notice that your patio has taken on some rust during the season. While rust stains are unsightly, they can be removed. Here’s how to remove rust from your patio to turn it back into an attractive space to enjoy the beauty of nature. Vinegar and lemon juice This all-natural treatment is a great concrete patio rust stain remover that uses items you likely already have around the... View Article

Tackle Any Rust Stain Removal Job with Magica

March 23, 2021

Looking for the best rust stain remover? Rust not only affects the structural integrity of a wide variety of materials, but it also leaves very unsightly stains behind. When you need a safe, effective way to remove unappealing rust stains, your best option is Magica. Whether you need a stain remover for your boat or any other surface that’s exposed to moisture and the elements, here’s why Magica is right for you. How does Magica work? The process of oxidation causes rust, and it can be unsightly on any surface and stain virtually anything it touches. Magica is the premier... View Article

What Causes Orange Stains on Concrete?

March 2, 2021

You’ve probably come across strange orange stains on concrete at some point, whether it’s on a sidewalk, driveway, parking lot or garage floor. These rusty-looking marks often look like meteors. But what causes them, and how do you deal with this issue? There’s a common misconception that orange stains on concrete are from leaky cars. However, these are actually rust spots, and they come from inside the asphalt or concrete itself, not necessarily from other sources. Fortunately, there are ways to remove these rust stains from your concrete surfaces. Certain types of asphalt and concrete aggregate contain pyrites, a type... View Article

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