5 Best Ways to Prevent Tools From Rusting on a Boat or Marine Environment

5 Best Ways to Prevent Tools From Rusting on a Boat or Marine Environment

Many of the tools in your toolkit will have a rubber or plastic handle which makes it easy for gripping, but that still leaves a significant portion of the tool exposed to the water in a marine environment. Particularly if you live near the ocean, the saltwater in the air can accelerate the process of forming rust and corrosion, and it’s very common to find that your tools have become rusted out in a short period of time. In order to prevent this from happening, there are some steps you can take, so that you don’t have to keep buying replacement tools.

How Can I Prevent my Tools From Rusting on my Boat?

Of course it will help if you wipe down your tools after using them on your boat or any other metal surfaces you need them for. It’s better still to apply a thin coating of oil which will protect the surface against the saltwater in the air, or against the freshwater they come in contact with during usage. You will probably notice that dust and other kinds of small debris will accumulate on the oil surface, but this is far better than allowing oxidation to form on your tool surfaces. The dirt and debris which accumulates in the oil will not harm them, whereas rust and corrosion will most certainly eat away at the metal, and will eventually cause significant damage. Below you’ll find some other steps you can take to keep your tools from rusting in a marine environment.

5 Best Ways to Prevent tools From Rusting on a Boat or Marine Environment - Tools

Magica Rust Remover

This powerful rust removing agent is effective on everything from tubs to boats to valuable equipment. It’s formula contains no harmful acids, which means it can be used on virtually any surface for the prevention of oxidation. Even the most stubborn stains and oxidation formations will be transformed into harmless salts by the fast-acting Magica formula, so that it can all be rinsed away with some fresh water after using the product.

Magica Rust Remover 128oz Spray


This product is a well-known rusting inhibitor which is capable of providing protection for your instruments for as long as two years. It penetrates into any surface which it’s sprayed onto, so that it displaces all moisture which might lead to the formation of oxidation. It dries into a soft, waxy film that protects your tools against rusting, and leaves them in a very usable state. Enjoying wide usage among mechanics and boat lovers alike, LPS3 garners routinely solid reviews for the prevention of oxidation.

CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor

This is a long-term corrosion inhibitor which acts to protect and preserve any surfaces made of metal, as well as any electrical connections, fasteners, and engine components which are ordinarily subjected to high humidity or salt spray. This is a silicone lubricant which will help to free up moving parts quickly, and which will protect them against the incursions of rust and corrosion.


These are disposable towelettes which are very easy to use, since all you have to do is wipe down your marine equipment after usage, before you put them away. There is a rust-inhibiting chemical which is impregnated into the towelette, and this chemical will safeguard your metal surfaces against oxidation formation. This is a very economical way of going about oxidation prevention for your valuable tools.

5 Best Ways to Prevent tools From Rusting on a Boat or Marine Environment - Tool Wipes

Hinder Rust

Having a high viscosity formula, this product will gradually polymerize into a coating which resembles wax in its characteristics, and which provides long-lasting protection against oxidation. Even in the most severe saltwater conditions, Hinder Rust will protect your equipment and other metal surfaces from the formation of corrosion or oxidation. Since this is meant to be a long-term product, you can economize by having to buy less of it, and enjoying the benefit of its protective capabilities for a longer time frame.

Prevent Rust Buildup Today

The toolkit which you use around the household and on your boat, represents a significant investment, and that means you won’t want to keep replacing individual pieces, or in a worst-case scenario, the entire kit. To prevent oxidation and corrosion from damaging your valuable equipment, there are several rust-inhibiting products that you can make use of. Because it’s fast-acting and is extremely easy to work with, Magica Rust Remover ranks as one of the best choices you could make. Contact us today so you can secure your own supply of Magica, and keep all your tools and other metal surfaces free from rust and corrosion.