Get a Safe Rust Removal Product for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Environment

Rust Removal

Rust removal products are often packed with harsh chemicals to break down the corrosion of oxidized irons. This makes it important to use products that are healthy on the environment to make sure your drinking water is clean and rust free.

You can get some much-needed peace of mind knowing Magica Rust Remover is biodegradable, and comes from a company that recycles manufacturing trash and waste. Customers are even encouraged to recycle the bottles and packaging!

So why exactly is it so important not just to have a safe rust removal method, but to remove rust in the first place? Consider just how important it is for us to have access to clean, clear and refreshing drinking water. While small amounts of rust don’t harm the body, overly rusty water can be harmful to our health, beyond just being unattractive. Here are just a few examples of negative side effects associated with rusty water and why you should invest in an environmentally friendly rust cleaner:

  • Taste: Sure, the reddish-brown tinge of rust in the water is unattractive, but it will not cause immediate harm if you drink it. It will at the very least, however, have a bad taste, especially as the amount of rust in the water gets to be excessive. So, if you want your tap water to not taste like rusty nails, it’s a good idea to take steps to remove the rust safely and effectively from the source.
  • Bacteria: While the rusty water itself isn’t an immediate health threat, it is important to note that rusty water can attract certain types of bacteria that can be an immediate health threat. When bacteria take up residence in rusty water, that water must be treated.
  • Corrosion: This is an especially serious issue in older homes that have iron pipes. With those pipes, the iron ages on the inside before it does on the outside, which means rust and mineral deposits will start to build up inside, oxidizing and then flaking off. Over time, this can result in corrosion, cracks and breaks inside the pipes, and then leaks forming in the home. Those leaks lead to their own types of long-term damage, such as mold, which also present health risks.
  • Iron supply: The body does require some level of iron, as it is an essential nutrient. Therefore, not all iron found in water is necessarily a bad thing. Iron is crucial in transporting oxygen through the bloodstream and throughout the body. For this reason, not all rust in water is a bad contaminant—it’s actually more likely to harm your laundry than it is your body. Therefore, the issue isn’t necessarily the iron itself, but rather what potential bacteria and corrosion can do to your systems and the worsened taste that comes with prolonged iron exposure.

For more information about what you need to know about safe rust removal and why Magica is your best bet, contact our team today with any questions you have about our high-quality, environmentally-friendly rust cleaner!

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