Here’s Why Our Rust Remover Gel Is What Your Rusted Metal Needs

When you discover rust on metal, turn your attention to the rust-banishing powers of Magica rust remover gel. Our product offers a safe and effective method to remove rust from a variety of metal surfaces, including cars, boats, tools and patio furniture, as well as rust stains on clothes, concrete, vinyl siding and more. But first, what metals will form rust? Below are a few metals that tend to rust more than others, typically when left outside in the elements or improperly stored—and how Magica can help solve your rust problems.

The rusting process

Metal surfaces and components don’t rust out of the blue. When metal does rust, it’s going through a process in which metal or a metal alloy (a metal compound) combines with oxygen atoms to produce an oxide. On some metals, if rust does not present fully, it can show up as tarnish.

It’s important to note that all metals will rust, but at differing rates. For instance, while metals like gold, silver and platinum do rust, the process takes longer, going very slowly and producing various colors of tarnish. In fact, it can take years for gold or platinum to show tarnish—and it’s rare. On the other hand, the metals below are known to rust much more frequently.


Iron surfaces will rust quickly, especially when exposed to air and allowed to get wet or moist—this combination of air and moisture can develop into a noticeable brown rust in a matter of hours. Heat is also an enemy of iron, meaning iron will also rust quickly if exposed to intense heat. This happens because the heating process alters the chemical makeup of the metal, which makes it susceptible to recombining with oxygen in the air. You’ve probably seen photos of iron skillets riddled with rust—a brown tinge of rust forms over the metal’s surface, so discoloration is not always due to age. This tinge happens when an empty iron skillet sits out on the stove overheating.


Aluminum is mined out of the ground as bauxite, an oxidized compound. Aluminum oxide requires a lot of energy to smelt and release oxygen content. As such, aluminum was considered a precious metal into the 20th century. It was even used to cap the spire on the Washington Monument. Once converted into pure aluminum, the metal will slowly rust if exposed to heat and air. That white dust you’ve probably seen on aluminum auto parts? That’s aluminum oxide. Wiping away the dust will re-expose the aluminum.


Copper is a natural shade of brown, but will rust into a bright green. When copper rusts, it’s considered tarnished, even though the process is the same as rust formation: metal recombining with oxygen and air.

How Magica can help

There are many reasons to use Magica rust remover gel. You can get rid of rust from car parts, equipment and tools, boats, clothes, carpets, driveways, furniture and so much more. Call us today and let us tell you about how Magica is the best solution to address the majority of household and commercial rust stain concerns!

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