How Do I Maintain My Wood Floors with Magica?

Wood Floors

The answer to the question of how to maintain something as delicate as wood flooring can sometimes seem over-complicated and expensive, between treatments, waxing, cleaning services and the like. But the answer to how to maintain wood floors is surprisingly simple—just use a truly great cleaning product!

What Causes Wood to Stain?

The stains you notice in your wood flooring or paneling are more than likely something called iron oxide stains. These are the dark spots that are caused by wood being exposed for long periods of time to water or metal elements. Iron oxide reacts to tannins in wood and stains the wood black. Although some people may purposefully stain wood, for example when refurbishing furniture (a process called ebonizing), for many this effect is an undesirable one. When this is the case, you will be looking for a product or service to revitalize your wood surfaces.

Wood Stain Treatment

Magica rust treatment can be used to battle and mitigate the effects of staining in wood that are deemed undesirable. Simply apply the treatment and rinse to remove. Little to no scrubbing is involved, since the product works like magic to clear away any offending blemishes from various surfaces. The beauty in this is that you can take the time you would have spent scrubbing and use it to complete other household chores or items on your to-do list.

Magica can also be used to bleach wood that has turned gray and old in order to bring back the wood’s natural color and prepare it for refinishing. Unlike other bleach products that are harsh on your skin and hard on the environment, Magica is made of gentler components that work with your home instead of against it. Natural ingredients match the natural wood color that Magica is able to bring back in your wood flooring or paneling.

Get Creative

In fact, Magica can be used purposefully to create different discoloration effects on furniture, all without the harmful use of harsh acids such as phosphoric, hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid. Many other rust removers use these harsh chemicals, which can sometimes be unsafe in the home. Refinish your dining room set with new color and flair, or re-stain your entire wood floor to match your newly updated furniture. Whatever your purpose, Magica can help you get creative and find the treatment that speaks most to you.

Magica can also be used on many other types of surfaces as well, including stone, concrete, tile and other flooring. This rust treatment spray is extremely versatile and the best addition to any home project for its utility. Do you have a surface that has not been cleaned since you bought your home? Now there is no reason not to clean it! Easy and effective, Magica will make any project easy to accomplish.

Multi-Purpose Effective Cleaner

Much in the same way you multi-task to get the chores done, Magica Rust Remover multi-tasks to clean your home! Fewer products and less time spent cleaning means more time for the things that matter—a clean home for you and your loved ones.

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