How to Remove Water Stains from the Bottom of Your Boat

Now that fall is here and winter is well on its way, most boat owners are putting their boats away for the season. Before you can retire it for the next few months, however, you need to clean it. Many boats develop water stains on the bottom of the hull. They’re unsightly and frustrating, can affect your boat’s performance and will build up over time.

When cleaning your boat hull, there’s an easy way to remove water stains. Magica Rust Remover makes rust and water stains disappear quickly and easily. If “no elbow grease required” sounds like the ideal way to clean your boat hull, read on to learn more.

Why water stains form on boat hulls
If you keep your boat in the water during the spring and summer, everything from lake scum to salt to rust can form on or stick to your boat’s hull. Over time, algae, moss, marine life and dirt will stick to your boat, forming yellow or brown water stains. These are difficult to remove with detergent and water alone.

Use Magica to remove rust stains
Cleaning up your boat hull doesn’t have to involve a lot of scrubbing and sweating. With Magica Rust Remover, all you have to do is spray the product on your hull and watch it work immediately. Once the stains have disappeared, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and let air dry. It might be the fastest boat maintenance task you’ll perform all year.

Magica is designed to remove water stains from areas with no bottom paint. One word of caution: if you plan to clean your boat while it’s resting on an aluminum trailer, the trailer needs to be protected from any over spray or spillage. Magica can discolor the anodization unless you cover the surface ahead of time.

See it in action
If you want to see how well Magica works on the bottom of a boat, check out these videos. We’ll take you through the rust removal process step by step. It’s also clear just how fast Magica does the job. You should see dramatic results less than a minute after spraying.

Please note that we use a Fountainhead Group Inc ML pump sprayer in the video, but any sprayer model will do.

Clean water stains from your boat hull with Magica
When you struggle with water or rust stains, Magica lives up to its name. Magica is safe to use on just about any material—from boats to antique linens—and can get rusty stains out fast. With a liquid and gel formula, there’s sure to be a version of Magica that’s right for your next project.

Our company was founded in Oshkosh, WI back in 1988, and offers the same quality product today. Magica is currently available in spray bottle, gel and gallon refill options. Our product is available online and through many home and hardware stores. Shop online or request distributor pricing quotes today.

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