Just Like Magic! No Scrubbing, No Rubbing

Rust Removal

When you’re looking for an effective cleaning product, you’re usually not seeking something that will be easy to administer. Instead, you most likely head for the “heavy duty” section of the store for something strong. Fortunately, Magica Rust Remover means a more sensitive product that packs the same punch. You will never have to stoop, hands and knees to the floor scrubbing stains for hours. Simply apply and rinse with water!

Gentle Yet Effective

This high-tech rust dissolver is hard on stains without being hard on the environment—it never uses harsh acids, and yet achieves the same clean results time and again. Heavy stains may require double applications, and as long as you keep the rusty surface wet, you should begin to see the rust lift. You can encourage the stain layer to lift up by using a non-wire scrubber and a short rinse. Because scrubbing is not required, Magica rust treatment is especially great in areas that are simply too hard to reach, never mind scrub!

Be careful not to discolor your surfaces by allowing the application period to last too long. Because of its strength, Magica Rust Remover can strip away some layers and lead to permanent discoloration. Simply leave the product on the rust for the required time, and rinse away. Should you need a second application, try this and more rinsing for a premium effect.

Industrial Strength for Home Use

Pressure washing in conjunction with Magica application can be a great rejuvenator for your outdoor patio, garage or sidewalk. See your house shine like new in as little as 10 minutes! Be careful again not to let the acid over-expose, or it could lead to unintended discoloration. But the great news again is, no scrubbing! Simply apply, wait and hose with your pressure washer for a like-new look that will impress the neighbors.

This is a great project leading into the fall season, not only because it is a great time to prepare your home for the winter weather, but because you can make your house guest-ready in time for the holidays. There’s no better way to welcome family home!

Lasting Effect

Don’t worry—reapplication will not need to happen for some time after you have applied Magica once. Should rust stains redevelop, simply re-administer and rinse again for the same bright results. This cleaning product is so versatile you can use it on everything from wood to concrete, and everything in between. Keep a bottle on hand and you will always have a quick and easy fix for any rust or discoloration.

The Ultimate Treatment

Magica Rust Remover takes all the hard work out of chore time. Use this time instead to work on other home improvements, because never again will you need to scrub and rub on your hands and knees to accomplish a rust-removal task. With this high-impact yet gentle cleaning product, you should be able to accomplish even the hardest tasks with ease. Let Magica do the work, then sit back and relax!

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