Thank You, Magica Supporters!

Magica Supporters

Since starting our company with small roots in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1988, Magica has grown to be a nationally recognized product in a vast variety of markets. Despite our growth, we have consistently offered the same great product customers have known and used for years: Magica Rust Remover.

Since the beginning, we’ve received letters, reviews and testimonials from happy customers who have found great uses for Magica. These messages of support truly warm our hearts and encourage us to keep moving forward with our Magica mission, so we wanted to extend a sincere, heartfelt message back to all our customers: Thank you!

To pay tribute to some of our oldest and fondest customers, here are some messages of support we’ve received over the last 30 years.

From the Governor

Support for Magica has come from many places, including the former Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy G. Thompson! The letter he sent was from 1997, offering congratulations for Magica being selected for marketing by QVC, Inc.

He wrote, “Your success is a tribute to your vision, persistence and entrepreneurial spirit. Thank you for your contribution to Wisconsin, and may your success continue.”

Thank you, Governor Thompson! Your support and encouragement have no doubt helped us on our journey over the years.

Aiding in laundry

Another Magica supporter wrote to us years ago to express dismay at her realization that she used up her last bottle of Magica. The customer used the product to remove pesky rust stains from her laundry but had recently moved from Illinois to Arizona, so she was eager to hear about how she could purchase more.

She wrote: “I desperately need to know the name of the nearest vendor of this magical substance. It is truly one of the few products that actually performs as advertised. Please!”

We extend our deepest thanks for your enthusiasm and support, and we hope you are elated to discover you can now buy Magica Rust Remover online and at various retailers across the country today!

Living up to its name

One final customer wrote to us in 1995 to express her gratitude for Magica working as well as we claim it does. Unlike other manufacturers, our product lives up to its name and “magically” removes rust spots quickly and efficiently!

She wrote: “Thank God I found Magica. I almost gave up hope, but your product is great and does get rust out of clothes. Thank you for Magica.”

And thank you for your support, dear customer! We so appreciate the kind words and affirmation that our product is helping people like we intend it to.

From the bottom of our hearts…

We can never thank our long-time and new customers enough for the support and kind words offered to us over the past 30 years. We are delighted to know that so many of our customers love Magica enough to send us letters, write reviews and comment on our social media.

It is with your continued support that we have been able to grow this magical product from small-town manufacturing in Wisconsin to national availability and recognition!

If you’d like to see reviews from even more happy customers who’ve used Magica Rust Remover over the years, visit our website!

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