The Causes of Rust Stains on Laundry

Stains on Laundry

You’re folding your laundry. You start to put away your favorite shirt, and you notice there is a rust stain right on the front. You know you didn’t get that stain while you were wearing the shirt, so how did it get there? Are there rust gremlins in your washing machine? Will laundry rust remover work to make them go away?

Situations like these can be very frustrating. Without the proper use of laundry rust remover, you can lose many items of clothing to rust stains. How does this happen? Here are a few top causes for rust stains:

  • Pipes: Does your home feature iron pipes? If not, does the city water travel through iron pipes? Bacteria can react chemically with older iron pipes and result in rust stains on your clothing.
  • Water heaters: How old is your water heater? Have you inspected or cleaned it recently? Rust and iron deposits can build up here, then break loose and end up in your washing machine, where they stain your clothing.
  • Disturbances: Have the water lines in your home or city been disturbed recently? Maintenance work, earthquakes or back-flushing can all cause extensive movement along the pipelines. This disturbance can shake loose debris that enters your water and results in rust stains in your laundry.
  • Drought: Is your area running low on water reserves? A drought can cause the accumulation of sediment in your pipes. This sediment can cause brown, yellow or bright orange rust stains on your garments.
  • Age: How old is your washing machine? Have you had it serviced lately? The tub may be rusty, especially if it is an older washer.

Take Action

If you experience rust stains on your clothes, first determine the cause. If you notice these stains on all of your clothes rather than on specific items, you probably have an issue with your machine or your water quality. If you are unable to change the situation to improve the quality of your wash, you’ll need a tough stain fighter to battle your rust issues. Keep in mind that using bleach causes a reaction to metals present in your water that results in rust stains rather than removes them.

To keep your clothing and other household items rust-stain free, use Magica as your trusted laundry rust remover. This product can remove rust stains from virtually any material. Professionals in a variety of industries, including well pump, construction and marine, turn to Magica Rust Removal for their rust stain removal needs. Not only can you save that favorite shirt from the rag pile, but you can rest assured your other garments are safe from permanent rust stains.

Win the Rust Battle

There’s no need to cry over spilled rust. Magica Rust Remover can save everything from antique lace to concrete. It gets rid of rust stains without the use of harsh acids that other brands include. Try Magica Rust Removal with no risk, and we guarantee that our product will remove any rust stain. Check our website for more details. Try Magica today and say goodbye to stubborn rust stains!

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