The Risks of Rust—and How Magica Can Help!

Rust and corrosion can occur anywhere metal is present, and on anything metal. In fact, a majority of metals become especially vulnerable to rust damage when left out in the sunlight, unprotected from the elements. Exposed metals can undergo the process of oxidation, also known as rusting, which happens when a chemical reaction occurs between the metal and the elements. The result of oxidation is an orange-brown coloring on the surface of the metal object, although the color depends somewhat on the type of metal.

Everyone knows about rust, yet most people are not exactly sure what it is or why it can be dangerous. Since this is the case, let’s take a look at the dangers and common problems associated with rust, and how Magica is able to offer the best rust removal solution for you.

Top misconception

The biggest misconception about rust is that it’s merely a cosmetic issue, that the rust simply changes the color on the surface of the metal object. While rust does change the color, it’s not true that it does nothing more than that. Rust can destroy clothes, but also has the ability to eat away at a metal object, weakening it completely or in certain spots. While this may not be a problem for metal objects that don’t hold weight, it can be extremely dangerous for load-bearing objects.

Metal becomes weak

Metal can potentially be eaten away by oxidation. If this is the case, the item is weakened and unable to support as much weight as it used to. For example, if rust forms on the bolts holding together tables, chairs or backyard decks, they can corrode and eventually collapse. This can be dangerous to anyone or anything nearby.

Encourages bacteria to grow

No matter where the rust is located on an object, and no matter the type of object, rust can encourage the growth of a specific type of bacteria that causes tetanus. Left untreated, tetanus can cause unpleasant symptoms, and in some cases result in death. And it’s not hard for this bacteria to get into the bloodstream—all it takes is puncturing your skin on a rusty nail, chair, bolt or any other object that has developed rust.

Affects the lifespan of items

Rust can reduce the lifespan of products, whether for household. commercial or industrial use. Rust corrodes metal, so affected products will need to be repaired or replaced if the rust damage is too great. Metal structural supports cannot have rust, as this poses a serious risk to safety, and such raw materials have to be replaced. Rust prevention is key to the long lifespan of metal products.

Don’t let rust bust your company’s good reputation or take over your home. If you are in the market for a truly effective rust removal solution, look no further than Magica. Magica Rust Remover is formulated to quickly and safely break down rust stains. All you need is water to wash them away! Feel free to contact us any time with questions or for more information about our rust remover.

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