Why You Shouldn’t Spray Paint Over Rust

Whether you’re working on a car restoration project or you’re trying to fix up an outdoor structure on your residential or commercial property, you might encounter some rust on some of the metal surfaces you’re working with. When you do, you might think a coat of spray paint will be sufficient to cover the corrosion so you can move on with your project. However, you should think twice about spray painting over rust—it’s a short-term solution for a problem that demands a more aggressive approach.

When you spray paint over rust, you may be able to successfully cover it up, but that doesn’t mean that the problem will go away for good. Rust develops progressively, and it can cause a lot of problems for metal items and surfaces. Even after you spray paint over rust, it may continue to spread and weaken the surface of your metal. The longer you wait before addressing rust development on a metal surface, the more widespread it will become and the more it will compromise the structural integrity of your metal. Ultimately, spray painting over rust masks the issue, without doing anything to remove it or stop it from developing further.

How to deal with rust before painting

Rust development is a hassle, but it doesn’t have to stop you from applying spray paint to a surface. You just have to take some steps to remove the rust and prepare the surface before you can start spray painting:

  • Clean the surface: To ensure you can effectively remove rust and prepare your surface for painting, you need to start by cleaning your metal. A simple mixture of soap and water is usually sufficient to get rid of dirt and grime before beginning the more aggressive process of removing rust.
  • Brush away rust: Using a wire brush, begin brushing away rust on the surface of your metal. A rust removal product like Magica can help to effectively get rid of corrosion. After applying a rust remover, brush down the metal until you have a smooth surface to work with.
  • Apply a primer: A rust-inhibitive primer can curb potential rust development to keep your metal looking and functioning its best for years to come. Apply the primer according to the instructions on the package for the best results. Wait for the primer to dry completely before you start painting the metal surface.

Spray painting over rust

Before you paint a metal surface that’s been damaged by rust, make sure you clean and prepare the surface with effective rust removal products from Magica, Inc. Since 1988, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality rust removal gels and sprays for use on all kinds of materials, ranging from fabrics and upholstery to concrete and metal surfaces. We guarantee our products can effectively remove even the most stubborn rust stains. To get your metal surfaces rust-free and ready for painting, browse our website and check out our products. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more—we look forward to assisting you soon!

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