How to Get Rust out of Carpet

How to Get Rust out of Carpet

It’s pretty easy to develop rust stains in your carpet after moisture has penetrated into the fibers and does not have a chance to dry out properly. Once the rust has set in, it can become much more difficult to remove it. However, it will not be necessary to throw the rug out, because there are some steps you can take to remove that oxidation and restore your carpet to its original appeal. Here are the steps you should follow to have rust removed from your carpet, and to make it look just like new.

Step 1. Remove Source of Rust

Whatever agent has been causing rust to appear in your carpeting should be removed before any attempt at cleaning is made. If this isn’t done properly, the stain is more than likely to reappear, and then cause you to undergo more cleaning before it will be restored.

Step 2. Scrape off Visible Rust

All visible signs of staining should now be scraped off, using some kind of implement that will not harm the fibers of your rug, preferably something made of soft plastic, but which will still be strong enough to scrape off the nasty remnants of oxidation.

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Step 3. Saturate Rust Spot With Vinegar or Lemon

Before saturating your rug with vinegar or lemon, perform a localized test on a spot which is hidden from view. This will ensure that no stains are left behind on your carpet, and if some evidence of staining does happen, it will be in a spot where people will not be able to see.

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Step 4. Rinse With Water

The last step in your rug-cleaning project is to rinse out the vinegar or lemon saturation with water, and then to inspect the carpet to see how effective your efforts were.

Making Sure its Clean

If the carpet has not quite come clean, you can repeat the procedure until you get better results. Alternatively, you can use a more powerful cleaning agent such as Magica Rust Remover on your next attempt.

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