How to Get Rust Stains Out of Sails

If you own a sailboat, you’ll want to keep it free of the rust stains which can develop as a result of exposure to moisture or salt air, which is quite corrosive. When you notice that some rust stains have gotten on your sails, there are a couple of options you’ll have for removing those stains, so your sails aren’t permanently degraded or harmed.

Use Magica

Since Magica Rust Remover is made with a very gentle formula, it will not harm the fabric of your sails in any way, but it will remove all the oxidation stains from them, without using any harsh acids or abrasives. You can either use the gel form of Magica or the spray bottle to treat spot stains which have formed on your sails. With either version of this miracle product, all you have to do is apply it on the dry fabric, wait for five and 10 minutes then spray away all traces of oxidation with some water. Whenever any more rust spots appear, just do follow-up treatment, and the oxidation will be banished. In addition to treating your sails in this manner, you can clean off any of your household items that have accumulated oxidation spots in this same way.

How To Remove Rust From A Sail - Sail

Home Remedies

First, you’ll need to spread out your sails on the ground so they’re flat. Then take some warm, soapy water and clean the surface. Next, you’ll need to mix up a paste of water and baking soda, and apply this mixture to the specific spots on the sails where you see rust stains. For spots that have become stubbornly embedded, you can dip a toothbrush in lemon juice and scrub those areas, then allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Washing with warm, soapy water should remove the oxidation stains after that.

Remove Rust Quickly and Easily

You don’t have to just live with rust stains which may have accumulated on your sails, canvas or other recreational boat fabrics. You can easily remove all those stains with Magica Rust Remover, which can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at this website. As an alternative, you could use either the lemon juice or baking soda cleaning methods which are described above.

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