How to Remove Rust from Tools

When certain metals are exposed to oxygen and moisture, they are prone to rust. Rust is a chemical reaction that causes an unsightly type of corrosion. You can take steps to prevent rust from occurring, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

This can be an issue with various metal tools. As such, you might be wondering how to safely remove rust from tools. There are several rust removers for tools available on the market, but many of them contain harmful acids that can damage the materials they’re applied to.

This is not the case with Magica Rust Remover. Our product is the ideal solution to nullifying any rust stains that you’re dealing with. Read on to learn how to remove rust from tools with Magica Rust Remover.


This is one of the more labor-intensive ways to remove rust from tools, but it does work. You’ll want to start by applying a degreasing product to your tools. From there, wipe it down thoroughly with a tack cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Let it dry, then take some steel wool and clean any areas afflicted by rust or corrosion.

You should then take some coarse grit sandpaper and sand away any remaining larger patches of rust on the tool. If there is still rust on the tool, take some finer grit sandpaper and sand it off. You should rinse and dry the metal tool when done and use some Magica Rust Remover if there are any lingering rust stains.


Believe it or not, vinegar is a terrific rust remover for tools. To remove rust from your tools, simply take the rusted tool and immerse it in a bowl of vinegar. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, remove the rusted tool and use some steel wool or a metal brush to scrub away the rust.

When finished, rinse the tool with some clean water and dry it off with a towel. If the item is too large to fit in a bowl, you can take a vinegar-soaked rag and wrap it around the item. For any rust stains that may have been transferred to the towels you used, apply some Magica Rust Remover to get them out.

Lemon or lime and salt

You can remove rust from your tools by using a combination of lemon or lime and salt. Simply take some salt and cover the rusted areas of your tools with it. Ensure it’s completely covered. Next, take a lemon or lime and squeeze a considerable amount of juice onto your tool. The more juice you use, the better.

Let the tool sit for around three or four hours. To remove stubborn stains, scrub the rust off with either steel wool or scouring pads. For a lighter touch (and to avoid scratching the metal) you can use a cloth or soft-bristled brush. Employ some Magica Rust Remover to tackle any stains that may have been transferred to the cloth you were using.

Call today to inquire about Magica Rust Remover

Now that you know how to remove rust from tools, call the team at Magica Inc. Our product, Magica Rust Remover, is a perfect complement to any rust removers you’ll use on your tools. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just send in the bottle and we’ll offer you a full refund!

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