Magica Now Has a New International Distributor!

If you’re living outside of the United States and haven’t been able to find Magica® Rust Remover in your area, worry no more. We have just partnered with a new international distributor to bring you our signature rust stain remover for your boat or yacht.

Versilia Supply Service is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, and we’ve already sent out their first order.

Who is Versilia?

If you’ve got a boat or yacht anchored outside of the United States, the best stain remover is on its way to you. Versilia Supply Service is a worldwide megayacht supplier, offering boat owners just about anything they need.

Don’t just take our word for it—according to Versilia themselves, “[s]ince 1985, Versilia Supply Service is a company dedicated to the supply of large yachts with literally anything they may need. Based in Viareggio and with offices in Livorno, Antibes, Palma de Mallorca and Antigua, VSS offers a very personalized and efficient service, where even the most demanding clients can expect to receive a clear answer and a fast response to their orders.”

From luxury clothing and food to supplies and components, Versilia aims to provide yacht owners with all the necessities—and then some. That means that Magica® Rust Remover will be sold right alongside everything else you need to keep your vessel well stocked. After all, there’s no better product to remove rust stains from boat hulls (or anywhere else).

How Magica® Rust Remover works

If you’re new to Magica® Rust Remover, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to eliminate rust stains from your megayacht—or your regular fishing boat. Magica® works on everything from old tools to delicate antique fabrics. Our formula avoids harmful or corrosive acids, so you can safely use it just about anywhere. All you need to do is apply Magica® to the rust stain and watch it disappear before your eyes. There’s no scrubbing or elbow grease required.

Magica® Rust Remover comes in two formulations: spray and gel. The spray version is best for big projects like boat hulls, driveways and other areas with large rust stains. The gel formula offers more precision: use it on your laundry or other small stains. All are available in 8-, 32- and 128-ounce bottles. Get a bottle for underneath your bathroom cabinet, in your galley or in the garage.

When it comes to rust stains, Magica® takes the work and the frustration out of removal. For over 60 years, our gentle, effective formula has been used in households, docks, boats, driveways and more. In fact, if our product doesn’t get a stain out, we guarantee it’s not rust!

Are you interested in purchasing your own supply of Magica® Rust Remover, or becoming our next international distributor? We’re pleased to offer free samples, distributor pricing and a no-risk guarantee. Visit our website to learn more about distribution opportunities, or our online shop to buy your own personal supply. You can also call us to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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