Magica Welcomes Pilots Back to Oshkosh for Air Venture 2021

Who doesn’t love a good air show? At Magica, we’ve been looking forward to the 2021 EAA Air Venture for a while now. For over 50 years, EAA has been putting on this fly-in convention throughout Wisconsin. This year’s July event will be seven straight days of world-class aerobatics, military flights and history coming alive through airplanes from all eras of flight filling the skies.

Magica welcomes pilots back to Oshkosh for this exciting event. Read on for all the event details, and how Magica rust stain remover is just as great for planes as it is for cars, trucks and bikes.

Air Venture 2021

This year’s Air Venture will take place from July 26 to August 1 at the Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI. Since last year’s show was canceled due to the pandemic, organizers are making safety their top priority this year—and expecting a big crowd since so many people were sad to miss out last year!

While you don’t need to show proof of vaccination to attend, masks are strongly encouraged whenever you can’t socially distance from people not in your household. (A good distance is six feet, or two meters.) This helps stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which can be spread through respiratory droplets. Outside, the risk of transmission is much lower than it is indoors.

To that end, organizers are also spacing out indoor exhibits and increasing ventilation. That way, if you haven’t been able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll be less likely to catch the virus while observing the aircraft exhibits.

As usual, the Air Venture show will feature numerous exhibits, events and the air show itself: “A roster of the most legendary American military aircraft in history, from iconic World War II airplanes to today’s most sophisticated flying machines, will be flying and on display this summer.” Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to see modern and historical aircraft side by side, and in action.

Use Magica rust stain remover on your planes, trains and automobiles

When you walk around looking at the historic aircraft, you might wonder how they keep those metal bodies in such great shape. As you may already know, moisture and metal do not mix—it can cause metal to rust. Not only does this damage the metal itself, but it can leave behind unattractive rust stains.

Whether you’re an aircraft pilot or you stick to earthbound vehicles, Magica rust stain remover is a great way to get rid of rust stains at Air Venture 2021 and beyond. All you have to do is apply our exclusive formula to the rust stain—whether on cars, boats, patio furniture, fabrics or concrete—and watch the rust disappear before your very eyes. There’s no need for elbow grease. The stains disappear like magic.

Interested in finding out more about Magica and how it can be used for rust removal from planes, or want to offer it for sale in your retail outlet? Call us today to learn more about our wholesale opportunities, or shop online.

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